Inside recent news, WhatsApp is definitely launching a new update by which photos and videos will be displayed very much bigger. In a nutshell, when getting images or videos presently there won’t be any disadvantages or people being left out in pictures. WhatsApp phone calls it ‘the perfect purpose to smile’.

Moreover, this particular update will make it easier for users to display pictures in messages. This extends to business users who are trying to sell their products via WhatsApp. However , this new update though being minor will be slightly familiar with the upcoming update with Twitter which also shows bigger pictures exclusively on user timelines.

In short, the or video that you want to see will come out in the exact same resolution and size hence users will no longer have to stop scrolling and click on a note to check the full image, with no longer will images emerge as cropped versions on an user’s inbox.

Now you can See Bigger Photos And Videos Upon WhatsApp