The Airplane Mode can be found in nearly every smartphone in the world, many of us commonly use it to immediately block cellular and social media notifications so we can concentrate on other things. Though it does seem unnecessary given the fact that almost all smartphones have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Hence we are able to say that the mode is perfect for when we travel on an airplane. But why is it so necessary? Will an iPhone really disrupt an entire plane in case one doesn’t turn on the airplane mode.

To answer all these queries, we need to look back to when the USA’s Federal Communication Commission (FCC) had banned phone calls upon planes back in 1991 plus was adopted globally. This particular rule was passed because of the fact that the radio waves released from a phone could hinder the plane’s transmission for example communication between air traffic and the pilots. This is additional to ensure that the plane can prevent obstacles such as thunderstorms or even mountains.

This concern escalated to the point where even audio and video players had been considered to interfere with a plane’s avionics. However , as of today avionics has become so advanced that they are able to resist interference from a phone hence the guideline of turning off your smartphone during air travel was down the road relaxed in 2013 plus passengers could use their gadgets without causing any disturbance.

Although you can use normal devices, like an apple ipad to watch a movie locally kept in your phone but it is still considered a risk in order to stream movies or play online games on a plane which is why the feature called ‘Airplane mode’ came around which usually blocks all radio gears coming from your phone whilst allowing you to use your phone securely.

The poor news of this mode to get users is you just can’t hop on to social media via a cellular network instead many planes would provide in-flight Wi-fi for you to use. However , it does not mean you can go ahead and create voice calls though it just happens in very rare situations.

All in all, before you decide to ever head on a trip do ensure you have your Airplane mode on so that your phone doesn’t become the root of all transmission issues.

Exactly why is there an Airplane Setting in our phones?