Whirlpool Air Conditioners in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Whirlpool is a reputed American brand providing a decent series of air conditioners. Whirlpool came to the Indian market in the late 80s with the partners with TVS. Since then, Whirlpool rapidly expanded its operations and set up manufacturing units in many cities like Pondicherry, Pune, and Faridabad. Whirlpool has its headquarters in Gurgaon. Presently Whirlpool AC operates only in the residential AC segment with two basic types of ACs: window AC and split AC.

Whirlpool AC has a famous 6th Sense Technology of smart Cooling with energy optimization.

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Whirlpool Air Conditioners Technology

IntelliComfort technology to Optimize Cooling

IntelliComfort technology comes with a smart logic chip embedded inside the Whirlpool air conditioner (Split version). It makes sure the indoor unit correctly understands humidity and communicates with the outdoor unit. For example, if the indoor unit founds high humidity, the indoor unit lowers down the fan speed to ensure faster Cooling with energy-saving.

3D Cool Extreme Technology

Generally, ordinary AC has a single vent for sucking out hot air, and thus, they are not at all efficient for fast Cooling. But Whirlpool split AC comes with 3D Cool Extreme technology with a 3-dimensional vent system to pull out hot air and pull down the temperature faster.

Dual Fan Compressor Technology

Whirlpool Air Conditioner comes with an advanced Japanese rotary Whirlpool AC compressor. The rotary Whirlpool AC compressor is much more efficient.  Rotary Whirlpool AC compressor is designed to reduce the loss in pressure of the refrigerant and produce lesser noise. The best part is the rotary Whirlpool AC compressor comes with a dual-fan compressor to deliver 50% faster Cooling than its competitors.

Whirlpool AC reviews

4-in-1 Filtration Technology

PM fine particles emitted from the car, bus, truck, wood, oil, grassfire, etc. The filters mentioned above work to filter out both—visible and invisible harmful microscopic impurities including PM 1 and PM 2.5. The dual protection filters save following health impairments:

Eye and nose irritation
Throat and lung irritation
Coughing and sneezing
Increased rates of chronic bronchitis
Reduction in smooth lung functioning

Whirlpool AC comes with a four layers filter which exterminates 99% of harmful PM 2.5 pollutants. The four layers filter performs the following function:

Copper Condenser

One of the essential advantages of the copper condenser is the heat transfer is far better, and the copper condenser is more durable, much more comfortable to clean and maintain compared to the aluminum condenser.

HD high density filters essential Filtration and removes dust
Anion filter Removes PM 2.5
Silver filter Removes PM 2.5and bacteria
Activated Carbon Odor filter (ACF) Removes bad odor.

Advanced MPFI and Turbo Cool Technology

Advanced MPFI (Multi-Port Fluid Injection) technology comes with a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design that facilitates rapid heat exchange. Turbo Cool mode makes the fan and other component run at peak.

Inverter Compressor

Modern Whirlpool AC comes with a scalable tropical inverter technology specially designed for India. Whirlpool AC is always on and controls power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The Whirlpool AC compressor used in Whirlpool inverter ACs optimizes peak performance to give perfect Cooling at extreme temperatures of up to 55C.

Voltage Compensation Logic and Fireproof

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations can damage the Whirlpool AC compressor. Smart voltage compensation logic acts as a mini stabilizer, ensuring smooth functioning of the Whirlpool AC even in the wide voltage range of 155V to 264V.

Control box of Whirlpool AC is susceptible to fire due to excessive flow of electricity or short-circuiting. Thus following the high safety and precautionary standards, modern Whirlpool split ACs come with a metal shell with a fireproof case for the control box to avert any fire mishap.


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