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Updated: Wednesday, August 4, 2021, 1:10 [IST]

Vivo was the first brand to commercialize the pop-up selfie camera module on a smartphone and released the Nex as the first such offering. Several brands later introduced their iteration of a pop-up selfie camera phone. However, the trend has been fading with the onset of a punch-hole display design. Vivo’s new patent filing indicates a comeback for the pop-up selfie camera design but with a twist.

Vivo Patents Unique Superzoom Pop Up Camera, iPod-Like Design Phones

It seems Vivo isn’t planning to limit itself from revisiting the pop-up selfie camera design; the brand might infuse Apple iPod’s design with one of its offerings. That’s what another patent filing for an upcoming Vivo smartphone reveal. So what all Vivo has in store when it comes to futuristic smartphones? Find out below:

Vivo’s First Superzoom Camera Smartphone With Pop-Up Mechanism

Vivo’s latest patent filing at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) has been revealed by LetsGoDigital. The company is trying to design a powerful camera smartphone with a setup using a motorised mechanism.

However, unlike the current generation smartphones that offer a single lens for imaging, the concept Vivo phone has multiple sensors in a single module that extends in a pyramid shape.

How Will The Vivo Superzoom Camera Phone Work?

As mentioned above, the leaked set of images shows a pyramid-shaped pop-up camera design with multiple sensors (up to four when completely extended). When the setup retracts, it aligns the entire setup in a box layout (smallest sensor at the centre). It’s more like an overlapping layout for the camera sensors.

With multiple sensors tagged together, the concept Vivo phone will likely be able to deliver high-resolution clarity with zoomed images. This patent doesn’t mention the specifics.

It would only be clear how much optical and digital zoom this device will offer once it hits the production bench. It is worth adding that this device is still a concept and chances are it might remain on papers at least for this year.

What About The Vivo iPod-Like Smartphone?

Vivo’s second patent application has been filed at CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). This is one of the most uniquely designed smartphones which will bring some vintage vibes along with it.

Vivo Patents Unique Superzoom Pop Up Camera, iPod-Like Design Phones

This concept Vivo smartphone bears striking resemblance to Apple’s popular music player, i.e iPod classic. The leaked patent images (via) show the upper half of the handset packing the display, while the bottom half accommodating the circular clickwheel.

It would be hard to guess what all functionalities would this upcoming iPod lookalike Vivo Phone will offer. But, expecting dedicated media playback and other functionalities would be hard to rule out.

Similar to the aforementioned Vivo Suprzoom pop-up camera phone, there is no word on this model’s availability. It can’t be said at the moment if the company will be able to get this device as well to the production bay any time soon.

Besides, there are numerous patents filed with unique designs and technology, but only a few get to see the light of the day. Until Vivo reveals some information on the developments of the concept Superzoom pop-up phone or the iPod-like smartphone, there are sleek chances these devices will be official anytime soon.


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Vivo Patents Unique Superzoom Pop Up Camera, iPod-Like Design Phones; Classic Yet Modern