Within recent news, WhatsApp has finally announced one of its nearly all demanded features i. e. the ability to transfer chats between iOS and Android. The announcement of this feature emerged around during the Samsung Universe Unpacked event where the Z Fold 3 and Change 3 were being revealed. It is said that these two mobile phones would be the first to have this feature.

Later on, this feature would proceed to all devices i. e. Android and iOS mobile phones in the coming weeks. However , it is to be noted there is no clear time frame in order to when it will be released but it does seem that Samsung has acquired some exclusivity in regards to this feature.

However , there is a catch to this feature since it is necessary that both products be connected with an USB-C to Lightning cable hence some other wireless means is not relevant for this feature.

So far, testing is underway regarding this feature and would start rolling out over the upcoming weeks.

Customers Can Now Transfer WhatsApp Chats Between Android And iOS