The 5 Best Hosting Services – Features & Reviews


Find Best Hosting Services in India based on performance, features, and reviews. Get details before buying Cloud Hosting & Web Hosting compare services. Web hosting is a resource that permits any individual or institution to publish a web page or website through the internet. It is a kind of service provider. It provides its clients with space in the server, owned or leased by them. Early years in 90’s internet was used mostly for educational and scientific research. Email, telnet, etc. were there but the very negligible presence of other pages. With the advancement of technology, web hosting becomes popular among general users also. The whole world can access your site when you get a place in a web server.

The Best Web Hosting Providers

Why should you compare different web hosting service providers?

India has become a big draw in the web hosting industry having plenty of right service provider and millions of users.

Web hosting is the spine of any website which provides resources to run a website without any hassle. It contains very complex services and numbers of different characteristic.

The concerned person should avoid the sites which charger extreme low charge. Sometimes they may resell or provide the services from their garage. Due to this, the website may fail to deliver required uptime and backup services for them.

Therefore it is necessary to adopt the right web hosting provider so that it performs error-free whenever people visit it.

How to buy hosting?

Here are some few points listed below to help you with buying check:

Website Contractor

Even if you are a novice, your service provider will help you with all the tools to create the website and furnish it. So look for the right hosting provider, who will help you to get the work done without any help of web designer.

Disk Drivers

Disk space or webspace is the allotted space in the server for your use. There are two types of drives, mainly HDD and SDD. If you need a larger space, SDD is a good option for you.

Raid Disk

While hosting, you must have heard about disk and Raid Disk also. Raid or Redundant Array of inexpensive/independent Disk, is a helping tool to store data in multiple drives at the same time. With the help of the Raid, you can recover your lost data and also use it for protection. There are many versions of Raid, but these are mostly in use, Raid 0, Raid1 and Raid10.


It is a kind of parameter to check the amount of data is transferring to the user’s computer from the server. The popularity of your site will decide the bandwidth package you may opt. Some famous site may need more than 100 GB bandwidth per month.

Connection Speed or Uplink

Uplink is a measurement of data transfer done by your server in per second. Suppose, in your dedicated package you get 100mbps uplink that means, your server can transfer 100megabite data in per second.

PHP version

Before buying a package, you must check for the latest version of PHP.


The hosting provider will run the server, and as long as the host server is running, your site is also available. So, check the timing beforehand.

Web Hosting Reviews

Which hosting plan is suitable for you?

Among all available hosting plans, you need to choose accordingly. First of all, decide how much hand-holding you will need. Basic customer service provides access to Email, ticket, and phone support. Estimate the amount of traffic you expect. Also, make sure, you understand server types, choose a portable content management system to avoid lock-in. Own your domain name. Above points will help you to select a suitable hosting plan for you.

What kind of precautions should you take while login web hosting and channel?

Website security is a hot topic among netizens. When we search on the internet about hacking a website or account, we get a volley of information about it. So, we need to check the necessary precautions while creating a website and later on also. Therefore, we need to take some measures, some like:

Account backup

Rule-out the vulnerability in the software which runs your hosting account.
The vulnerability of plug-ins. If you put code and develop your personalized website, try to rule out the common possibilities that hackers use initially. They Rule-out the vulnerability in the software from the local computer. Check with the application update regularly.

Difference between windows and Linux server:

The Windows Server and Linux server are functionally same. You have to decide which one to choose based on what are the needs of your hosting system and your comfort level. Both are user-friendly, versatile, and stable.

Here is some crucial information about the mentioned servers to better understand:

Windows server

  • It stands on the graphical user interface mechanism.
  • It offers support to numbers of third-party applications.
  • Windows server runs ASP scripts. They also utilize .NET and many other Microsoft technologies.
  • They offer long-term and extensive support.
  • The system gets update easily in this server.

But the license cost is very high for this server.

Linux server

  • Linux is an open-source software operating system and freely available.
  • The system runs scripts written in PHP, Perl, Python and other Unix-originated languages.
  • It provides three steps of security framework: Authentication, Authorization, and Encryption.
  • The server offers excellent community support for the end-user and quality maintenance on new implemented versions.
  • They are highly secured servers and protect most to any cyber threats.
  • But Linux server is not compatible for gaming and entertainment segments.
  • From the technical point of view, it lacks support from the driver creation and storage management segment.
cloud hosting India

What is a cloud server?

A cloud server is a kind of virtual server which computes resources from a cloud computing provider via the internet. The server contains all type of required software to perform as independent units. Cloud server offers the service on an on-demand basis and hosts them on top of a cloud computing infrastructure.

Type of cloud servers

When it comes about data storage or communicating with people, most of the apps and devices interact with the cloud. Cloud computing is a combination of three primary services:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a mechanism of software delivery which allows access to data from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. In this server system organization don’t need to install and run applications on their personal computers or data centers. Therefore the module eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, maintenance, installation, support, and software licensing.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

IaaS offers access to rent the infrastructure like servers, data center space, and software for users. The advantage of this system, a user, can scales up the amount of space as required. In seasons of the festival, online retailers need more server space to handle due to heavy traffic. Hence, IaaS makes sure the payable amount only for what they will use within a specific time frame.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Through PaaS server, developers can create applications, collaborate on projects, and test application functionality. But, they don’t need to purchase or maintain infrastructure. The system requires access to the internet connection to stay connected and keep working.

Which one is batter to use?

SaaS comes with default installation on the cloud server. It can minimize costs, as users pay for what only they need and don’t have to maintain the software. While, in the case of PaaS, users only require access to a computer with an internet connection to use the software.  They need not worry about upgrading or patching the software.


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