Sony LED TV in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Sony is one of the premium manufacturers of electronics product, especially television. In terms of picture quality and sound, consider Sony LED TV as your safest bet in India. Sony mostly produces high-end TVs. Though they give you limited choices when it comes to budget TVs in smaller sizes, but assure with top-notch quality if you buy a Sony.

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new LED TV. Find Best LED TV in India.

Sony TV Features


OLED is an acronym which stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode which uses organic material that glows when electricity passes through them. The main difference between organic LED to the standard one is, organic LEDs pixel provides its illumination, while other TVs have LCD screens and LED for backlighting.

Triluminos Display

Triluminos is Sony’s trademarks that give an enriched viewing experience. The specialty about Triluminos Display is its exceptional ability to reproduce blues, reds, and shades of green, which most other conventional LED display struggle to display efficiently.

X-Reality Pro

The latest version of Sony 4K TVs comes with the X-Reality Pro Engine, which is a smart processor. Now, This intelligent technology not just improves picture content and video quality analyzing and rebuilding every pixel of the picture and translates that into the higher resolution, thus enhancing its clarity.

Android OS in Sony SMART TVs

To enhance smart TV experience, Sony has introduced Android OS into its Smart TVs since 2015. It has a simple Home button on the remote control. As it has Android, you get the Play Store to download the apps you want.

Front Camera

New premium Sony TV models come with a built-in camera to capture the precious moments at home with close ones. Sony television BRAVIA models offer Tellybean facilitates that allows free full-sized video calls straight from your TV.


Premium Sony OLED TVs offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Colour Gamut) technology, which is display technology in TVs to improve dynamic contrast, impart better brightness and give a more full-color palette that brings the TV watching experience to a more real one. So, the whites are brighter; blacks are darker, and other colors more natural.

Premium Sony TV models support HDR gaming, that means you are free to enjoy PS4 on your giant LED TV with brilliant visuals and impeccable graphics.

Premium models also come with Dolby Vision HDR that is the best standard for HDR. Dolby Vision supports 12-bit color depth instead of just 10, which helps the process of color reproduction. Dolby Vision HDR TVs can produce up to 68 billion colors as opposed to 1 billion colors by HDR10.

Motionflow XR for Blur-free Viewing

Sony’s MotionFlow XR is the world’s first quadruple speed which can convert up to 200 frames per second. Sony’s Motion Flow rate creates and inserts three new transient images from the incoming signal into the original image, thereby improving display speed and clarity and allowing for sharper and smoother onscreen images.

Sony Led TV India

Sony TV has stopped making Non-SMART TVs. The TV manufacturing world turns entirely towards SMART TVs, and premium manufacturers are reducing their non-smart portfolio.

When it comes to LED TVs segment, Sony is one of the best and the safest company available today owing to their excellent picture quality and overall appeal. They do not offer many options in the budget range; their medium and high-end TV models are the best. Sony TV has proper handling of motion and significant upscaling.


Hence, Android OS isn’t as smooth as LG’s WebOS. Samsung TVs are close to Sony, especially in the higher range, while Sony TVs are superior in terms of picture quality when it compared to LG, even though the latter is at an advantage being more cost-effective.


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