In latest news, Sony the tech giant behind the famous gaming console PlayStation is planning to bring its ‘most popular franchises’ to mobile systems.

It’s not surprising that mobile gaming has turned into a huge trend and need in the gaming industry is because of the fact that smartphones are portable, affordable, and bring about more processing power in a compact form. Already games like the likes of Fortnite plus PUBG have made a huge impact in the mobile gaming ecosystem. Moreover, this is a win-win situation for that developers on the backend as they generate more profit from it.

As of now, Sony and its PlayStation Studios has decided to get a piece of exactly the same pie and is already generating a draft to launch popular PlayStation exclusives such as Uncharted, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, and more. Along with Final Fantasy 7 Ever Problems landing on smartphones quickly, it is expected that this kind of high-rated titles will be more available to smartphone users.

It is to be noted that ever since the PlayStation Portable and PSVita era, Sony has been out of the portable video gaming scene for years. With their currently successful consoles such as the Ps 4 and 5, the business is generating huge revenue. However , seeing the improved market of mobile video gaming it’s an obvious fact meant for Sony to move towards mobile phones as well in order to remain ahead of their respective competitors.

Although, Sony do try developing games within the early days when Android arrived to our lives. However , it didn’t make much of an impact in comparison to Apple’s line of mobile video games. All in all, the fact that blockbuster game titles will be soon reaching our own smartphones is a huge win for all those smartphone gamers who couldn’t afford a PlayStation gaming console.

Sony Is Planning To Bring Its PlayStation Games To Mobile phones, Uncharted, The Last of Us And much more