Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India 2019


Find Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machines in India based on performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module.

Cleaning clothes is no longer a headache when you have a washing machine in your home, which is one of the essential home appliances nowadays. They cut down manual labor and easy the process of cleaning clothes.

Top-loading and front-loading automatic washing machines have graduated in the big cities and metropolitan areas in India. But Semi-automatic models have a market in almost all the small towns and rural regions of India.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India in 2019

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new Washing Machine. Find Best Washing Machines in India. You can also get details How To Choose The Best Washing Machine and Latest Washing Machine Technologies in India

Semi-automatic washing machines

Semi-automatic Washing Machine

A semi-automatic washing machine is an entry-level one. It contains two separate compartments, one for washing and another for drying. It requires a manual transfer after cleaning is complete you have to put cleaned garments in the drying tub for the drying cycle/spin. They come only in top-loading type.

User guide

Using a semi-automatic model is following these simple steps:

First, add clothes to the tub.

Then, add water and detergent powder to the tub and follow the directions on the label. Select the duration of the wash.

When the process of cleaning completes, drain the water, and further add more water for the rinse cycle. Now, drain water.

Then there is two option, either transfer the clothes to the spinner tub (twin-tub models) or select the spinner mode (single tub models). Separate all the clothes and hang them on the air to dry.


Semi-automatic machines are less expensive compared to fully automatic ones. Here, you can decide how much water to use according to your requirements. They don’t demand a constant supply of water. These machines consume less water. As the power cut is a concern in small cities, these machines can be beneficial in the sense that you can operate them whenever you wish. You can add clothes at any time during the cycle. It is also possible to use the wash and spin cycle simultaneously.


The semi-automatic machines consume more time as it requires manual intervention in transferring clothes from the washtub to the spinning tub. You need to switch off the electric power when you are shifting gears from the washtub to the spin tub to avoid unnecessary electric shocks. All the controlling buttons are manual. Semi-automatic machines occupy more space.

Semi-Automatic-Washing-Machine India

Washing Machine Buying Guide

When you are going to buy a semi-automatic washing machine, you can just quickly go through the following points:

  1. Function Type
  2. Load Type
  3. Capacity
  4. Features

Washing Machine Features

Some essential features of semi-automatic washing machines are:

Soak options, Large capabilities (up to 10kg), Rustproof material, transparent, toughened glass lid, child-lock, An end-cycle buzzer, Wheels to help move the machine around, Colourful and stylish looks, etc.

How to choose a Semi-Automatic Washing Machine
Therefore, to buy any washing machine, there are a few points you should look into your model for the best working ability. To avoid damage to your clothes or device, but this suggestion in your checklist:

Always go through washing machine’s safety instructions.

Always follow the care labels before you start your wash.

Consider hand-washing delicate instead.

Remove everything from pockets of clothes you’re adding to the drum.

Don’t overload the tub – leave enough space for your clothes to move around.

Use the suitable type, and correct amount of detergent β€” those designed for top loaders are best.

Do not delicate spin-dry clothes or natural fibers like wool as this will produce damaged garments.

Clean the filter and drum regularly.


It is crucial to choose a washing machine that does not only suit your budget but also fits in your schedule, in terms of functionality, and the size of your family. In the present scenario of our planet where natural resources are running out, it is also a wise move to check for the energy-saving stars on the appliance.


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