After four years of updates plus support, Samsung has formally pulled the plug from the legendary Samsung Galaxy S8. The phone had maintained a prominent reputation of being fast, optimized for proper daily usage, and just by simply looking fresh and immaculate.

Many of Samsung’s previous flagship phones were obtaining biannual updates however the S8 series received quarterly safety updates and patches except for the S8 Lite which usually received biannual ones such as the phones before it.

With Samsung providing its last update to the S8 series which came about in April 2021, Samsung is looking to move on to the next generation of smartphones which will have better performance and new features which will started give its competitors a run for its money.

The legendary S8 launched in April associated with 2017 which rocked the then-new wide-aspect 18: 5: 9 displays and launched new on-screen navigation. It was one of the first phones of the organization that didn’t include the usual physical home button instead all of the buttons were today digital (except for the strength, volume, and Bixby button). With its sharp super AMOLED display, Exynos and Snapdragon flagship processors, IP rating, expandable storage and one from the few phones to bring elegance into the edge display the particular Samsung Galaxy S8 got placed itself as a top tier smartphone for over 4 years.

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+

Even today, the majority of users who make use of Samsung most probably carry a Samsung Galaxy S8. On a personal note, using the Galaxy S8 has been a great encounter as it worked for every day to day usage with no concerns associated with battery life.

In case you are still looking to get the Samsung Galaxy S8, you can visit your local store and get this second hand as sooner or later production for S8 will end soon.

If you ever had the legend your self, let us know in the comments in regards to the best part you like about the Samsung Galaxy S8?

Say Goodbye To The Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Officially Ends Assistance