Samsung Washing Machine in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Find Samsung Washing Machine in India based on performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module. Samsung is one of the most reliable washing machine brands in India. Samsung washing machine has made incremental changes as per the market needs. With time the Samsung washing machine goes more reliable with quality and versatility.

We offer some valuable tips and research reviews. This information may useful before buying a new Washing Machine. FindΒ Best Washing Machines in India. You can also get detailsΒ How To Choose The Best Washing MachineΒ andΒ Latest Washing Machine Technologies in India

Samsung Washing Machine Technologies

FlexWash technology Front Load + Top Load

Flex was the most revolutionary washing machine design. It’s a hybrid design of using both types of load in the same machine. Therefore, it has a central front loader machine with 21 Kg capacity with a small capacity of 3.5 Kg. Hence, front loader uses to wash heavy laundry items while the top loader is for lite loads with an internal separator for water supply.

EcoBubble and BubbleSoak

EcoBubble is the technology to give powerful cleaning even more at lower temperatures. This technology converts the detergent particles into bubbles which get inflated around the clothes, penetrating inside the fabric to remove adamant dirt easily. On contrast, BubbleSoak technology helps in removing stubborn stains by soaking clothes in bubbles.

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Airwash & Eco Drum Clean for Sanitization

Airwash technology helps to tackle foul odor by deodorizing and sanitizing cloths. It uses super-hot air to kill odor-causing bacteria and allergens and smells pleasantly fresh.

Furthermore, the technology automatically removes allergens using hot water and powerful jet streams. Above all, it notifies when there is a need to run this Eco Drum Clean course.

Diamond Drum Design for Gentle Fabric Care

Samsung offers softly curled diamond-shaped ridged design in its top loaders. In such washers, holes are roughly 25% smaller. Even more, gaps are also located deep within each diamond-shaped depression to avert the clothes under the drum from sticking out and consequently being damaged.

ActivWash+ with Dedicated Sink

ActivWash+ system includes a dedicated sink to provide unique space to conveniently pre-wash the heavily soiled clothes.

Silver Nanotechnology to Keep Clothes Fresh

While Silver Nanotechnology used to reduce mold and bacteria in clothes. They have three stages:

Stage 1: Emission of silver ions during the wash cycle.

Stage 2: Permeation of silver ions into the fabric during the wash and rinse cycles.

Stage 3: Prevention and protection from bacteria in fabric.

Another advantage is it prevents the growth of harmful germs on clothes.

Ceramic Heaters to Prevent Calcium Build-up

Premium front loaders from Samsung come equipped with ceramic heaters that prevent built-up of stubborn calcium compound. Once calcium build-up continues, it increases electricity consumption and would need a special detergent to dissolve.

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Stainless Steel Pulsator for Powerful & Hygienic Wash

The Stainless Steel pulsator allows water and detergent to go through the laundry efficiently. While providing both powerful water action to clean larger clothes and gentle water action to clean all delicate items ensuring lower water consumption and minor wear & tear on clothes.

Digital Inverter Technology for Energy Efficiency & Durability

The Digital Inverter technology allows the motor to operate at a speed that is optimum for the load in the washing machine. Hence, rate of the engine adjusted by the load. Also, they have a brushless digital inverter motor runs much more chill and saves quite a few units of electricity.

VRT+ Technology for Lesser Noise and Vibration

VRT+ technology stands for Vibration Reduction Technology Plus, is an excellent feature for noise-sensitive light sleepers. While, VRT+ technology tries to keep the noise level at the lowest levels and washer balance stable, so vibration is minimal.

Volt Control to Safeguard from Fluctuations

Volt Control technology helps in safeguarding the machine from power outage and voltage drops. Similarly, Volt Control technology helps in stabilizing voltage fluctuations in the range of Β±25%. It automatically restarts the device just after the power outage.

Smart Control App Using a Smartphone

You can control your Samsung Washing Machine washer merely using your smartphone. It also notifies the user with the status of the appliance. Therefore if it has a user can discover the solution for errors without the user manual or even contacting the customer care.


Samsung, with its FlexWash design, would make way for an industry for a third class of hybrid loaders apart from the conventional front and top loaders. Samsung washing machines offer a noteworthy cleaning to enjoy a host of exciting washer features.


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