Samsung is reportedly going all-in on foldable technology. The particular South Korean tech large is reportedly working on the double-folding phone to add to the lineup.

According to Nikkei Asia , the phone would fold into 3 segments using two handles and could be announced “as early as the end of the year. ” The phone might be a third option in Samsung’s foldable lineup, joining the particular Galaxy Z . Fold and Z Flip , both of which will also be expected to appear in new variations this year.

According to the report, the design is still being finalized, but Nikkei’s sources say its screen might have a more standard 16: 9 or 18: 9 aspect ratio, making it easier regarding app makers to design intended for than the 25: 9 screen found on the Z Fold.

Phones with multiple folds have seen the limelight before. Xiaomi’s folding phone prototype folded at two points, but the company has reportedly adopted a more Galaxy Fold-like design for its upcoming foldable. Huawei’s Mate X2 foldable also uses a similar design to Samsung’s.

It’s possible that Samsung is introducing the brand new type of foldable to ease its power users into a transition to the form factor. The company says it might be skipping a new Galaxy Note this year but wasn’t exactly clear on why.

There was talk of streamlining its phone offerings and of the global chip shortage, but this could be a test to see if Note users are ready for the fold. By giving customers three foldable options to choose from, Samsung could be trying to make it as likely as possible that people will discover one that works for them.

It’s likely the multifold phone’s release will depend on whether Samsung can figure out how to navigate the chip shortages that have been affecting the whole industry. Folding phones happen to be more difficult to make than standard smartphones, and if Samsung’s unable to get the chips it needs, it might push the company’s plans back. Still, it’s exciting to hear that Samsung is working on a third kind of foldable, as it indicates that Samsung still sees the shape factor as the future.

Samsung reportedly working on a double-folding phone