Despite Apple’s latest iPhone 13 bringing out better updates, Samsung still found ways to mock the Cupertino-based tech giant on their latest release. Samsung took to Twitter regarding Apple for introducing the 120Hz refresh rate for its flagship phones so late.

Samsung introduced the 120Hz refresh rate displays almost two years ago and it came up with the Samsung Galaxy S20 series and now Apple is catching up to Samsung at the near end of 2021 with their iPhone 13 series. Moreover, the 120Hz refresh rate display is available on all S20 smartphones while Apple limited it to only iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max hence making customers spend extra money just for the display.

However, Samsung isn’t the only company that introduced the display as OnePlus was the first to introduce in May 2019 with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Moreover, it is to be noted that Samsung’s S20 series can only switch between 60Hz and 120 Hz while the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max can switch between 10Hz and 120Hz at all times depending upon the battery life.

All in all, Apple has its own views regarding introducing features and Samsung has its own.


Samsung mocks Apple for adding the 120Hz refresh rate display so late