Samsung LED TV in India 2019 – Review

Samsung is one of the strongest competitors for the TV market leader in India. It offers you Reliability, versatility, and very excellent after-sales service. Latest Samsung LED TV brings incremental changes in its features to cater to the demands of its clients in the evolving world of technology.

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new LED TV. Find Best LED TV in India.

Samsung LED TV Features


Samsung revealed the upgraded QLED TVs, featuring quantum dot display. It takes cues from rapidly expanding the field of quantum computing, Samsung has started to drop off quantum dot powered displays in its latest high end LED TV models. Quantum dots are nano-sized crystals made of semiconductor materials, which has an excellent light-absorbing and emitting capacity, making it suitable for brilliant display quality and energy efficiency.

Samsung LED TV review

HyperReal Engine

Picture engine is the technology that makes a brand premium from another. Picture engine of Samsung led tv is HyperReal engine, which drives the picture quality on Samsung led TVs. A picture engine is a “smart processor” that develops the images by retouching colors, luster, vibrancy, texture, and details to the picture.

8 K Resolutions

Where every TV manufacturer is trying to attract customers through 4K TVs, Samsung has taken a big step ahead with its model Q900R 8K, which offers breathtaking 8K resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels).

8K resolution delivers super high resolution–4 times higher than 4K and 16 times higher than Full HD. Samsung’s Q900R gives an amazing pixel-less viewing experience with 33 million+ pixels.

HDR on Samsung TV

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, which submits more dynamic contrast, better brightness, and a broader color palette that accelerate your TV viewing experience to a more realistic one. HDR intensify image quality and details that are usually lost in translation in older TVs with standard display models.

Smart Hub OS

Samsung latest generation smart TVs come with ‘Smart Hub’ OS, which Turns into a miniature entertainment hub, offers access to cloud gaming, high-quality HDR movies, music, all in a single streamlined package.

Premium Samsung led TVs are coming with ‘One Remote’ technology, Bixby voice assistant support, Voice Wakeup feature.

Clear Motion Rate

The refresh rate is how frequently a TV switches the frame on screen. Samsung offers a refresh rate as Clear Motion Rate, which helps in providing a smooth frame transition when watching fast action program like a sports event.

Curved TV

Presently curved televisions are pioneer product of Samsung TVs in India. The gently carved curves of Samsung’s video helps the viewers to be at the epicenter of the action, gives them full view field and make their viewing experience more uniform.

Samsung LED TV Reviews

Triple Protection to suit Indian Conditions

Many Samsung LED TV models give Triple Protection, which is quite well suited for Indian conditions. This feature provides Protection for the TV from Voltage Fluctuations, Power Surges (lightning) and Humidity. It extends the durability of the TV and gets you the max out of your investment.

Samsung led TV India

First of all, unreasonably over pricing has compromised value for money parameter. High plus point is that Samsung TVs are maintaining a low input lag, which is excellent for gaming. Samsung TVs do not have outstanding build quality with the use of a lot of plastic b in the making. The audio quality of the Samsung televisions is not the best amongst its competitors. The most significant disadvantage is that the picture quality is excellent only when the screen brightness is said to be increased to the maximum when you are bringing down the intensity of the screen, bringing down the picture quality too. The audio quality of the Samsung televisions is also not top of the list. Due to these few shortcomings, Samsung still dominates the TV market in India and ranks higher on reliability meter.



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