According to a recent leak, the much expected Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be launching in October instead of July or Aug which was the initial timeline. The particular reports have mentioned which the Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 2 is going to rather make their first in July or Aug but the S21 FE will face a certain delay due to lack of supplies.

In addition to this, the S21 FE will be a limited edition smartphone that will rock the latest features. Based on the Korean media, the S21 FE will arrive only in the US and Europe initially and then later on move to a global market once there are more items for the phone.

Due to the shortage of items, Samsung initially did opt to shut down production for the S21 FE but later on chose to specify the launch for 2 regions at the moment. So far, the continuing future of how successful the S21 FE is still yet to appear however knowing the shortage the future doesn’t look too notable for the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Expected To Be Launched In October