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Find Samsung Air Conditioner in India based on performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module Samsung is the band when it comes to electrical/electronic appliances. But the air conditioner is a segment where Samsung hasn’t done well; at least in terms of market size. Samsung has made many innovative changes to take the market. The wind-free triangular design is an example of that.

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new Air Conditioner. Find Best Air Conditioners in India.

The Samsung Air Conditioner Features

Wind-free Triangular Design

Samsung AC comes with a unique triangular design with a broader inlet, a larger v-blade, and a bigger fan to ensure the air cools faster and draws more air.

New premium Samsung air conditioner unit comes with wind-free cooling technology that delivers the desired temperature by eliminating the direct airflow.

Smart Control

The Smart Home app controls the AC using the smartphone. Smart Home app is compatible with all Samsung appliances from anywhere. Talking about AC, the dedicated app allows the user to monitor power usage, fan speed, and louver swing.

Smart Installation features installation faults which can cause malfunctioning of the AC. Installation faults include checking the integrity of the air pipe, refrigerant flow, and communication mismatch between indoor and outdoor Samsung air conditioner parts.

Cool You Fast, Then it Comforts You

New Samsung air conditioner has Fast Cooling mode to run the Samsung Ac compressor at the maximum level, with fastest fan speed for almost 30 minutes. After promptly cooling the room, Samsung Ac compressor automatically switches to Comfort mode to maintain the desired temperature. In this way, it manages the Samsung air conditioner warranty periods.

Samsung Air  Conditioner review

Dehumidification Mode to Remove Humidity

During monsoons, conventional air conditioners fail to control the humidity and consume more energy and make the room uncomfortably cold. Samsung Air Conditioner inverter models come with Dehumidification mode, which rapidly extracts humidity from the room.

Full HD Filter with Auto-Clean Functionality

New Samsung Air Conditioner models come with an anti-bacterial Full HD filter with improved filter design to provide dust-free air circulation. The anti-bacterial coating kills resident bacteria.

The Auto Clean functionality cleans the filter automatically. Filters are outside the AC. So, the filters are easy to remove clean and put back—without any hassles of opening the cover. So, no need for Samsung Air Conditioner manual cleaning technology.

Single User Mode and Biosleep Mode

The Single User mode changes their capacity, making inverter operate at a lower frequency to reduce energy consumption. Samsung believes this mode saves around 26% of energy.
The Biosleep mode designed to give comfortable sleep maintaining an average environmental temperature. Following are the stages:
Falling asleep stage makes the user into sleep by reducing the temperature
Sound sleep stage relaxes the body and slightly raises the room temperature
Wake up arena allows the user to wake up with fresh air sprinkled

Multijet and Durafin Technology

Multijet technology comes with a minimalistic flat surface design reducing the air resistance compared to conventional heat exchangers. Multijet technology results in faster heat exchange and reduces the size of the outdoor unit.

Durafin technology makes the heat exchanger much more durable by coating it with a combination of chromium and zirconium. It makes the outdoor to pass the difficult SWAAT test (seawater acetic acid test) certifying its corrosion-resistant performance.

Power Boost Technology

Samsung AC compressor controls power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The speed and power of the Samsung AC compressor are adjusted appropriately. Samsung has redefined the inverter design. 8-pole inverter instead of standard 4 makes Samsung AC more powerful, ensuring quick cooling without noise.

The S-UTR (Ultra Tropical Rotary) compressor helps fast cooling even in severe temperatures like 54°C for a long time. S-UTR increases energy efficiency by 10%.

Stabilizer-free Operation

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations can damage the Samsung AC compressor. Thanks to its stabilizer-free operation. The in-built stabilizer protects the Samsung AC compressor from sudden voltage drop. The stabilizer switches off the AC sensing the voltage drop and will auto-start once voltage comes in the normal range.


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