With Samsung being at the forefront of the smart phone ecosystem, the company is moving its direction towards collapsible smartphones which is the new era of handheld devices. According to a recent report from Southern Korean media, Samsung will be aiming to sell over seven million units of the company’s upcoming Galaxy Z Collapse 3 and Z Other 2 by the end of this yr.

Both cell phones are expected to reach the market inside July where the Galaxy Z Fold will have over three or more million units while the Z . Flip 2 will have 4 million units. In a nutshell, the organization will have almost 5 a few months to reach their desired focus on i. e. 7 million units sale.

Though the amount of sales Samsung makes through foldable engineering science entirely depends upon whether the clients needs a foldable smartphone start with. The major drawback of these foldable phones is that although the demonstration and features are the best the company is forced to compromise with battery life which is a huge send out for users if they make this their day-to-day mobile phone.

In other news or information, the Z Fold various will have an S pen support with a stronger display and an under-screen video surveillance equipment. With Samsung’s recent love with Google, it is needed that the upcoming foldable smartphones will truly disrupt your current smartphone industry forcing the rest of the companies to switch to flip technology as well if they have not.

Samsung Aiming To Sell 7 Million Foldable Phones This Year