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Published: Thursday, April 29, 2021, 20:10 [IST]

Xiaomi as a brand has gained popularity amongst the consumers for its pocket-friendly products. Specifically smartphones, the company had dominated this space for a long. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 9 series is amongst those well-received mid-range smartphone lineups in the market. This series is grabbing some headlines due to all the wrong reasons. Some reports have surfaced claiming a Redmi Note 9 series smartphone going up in flames. Here are the details:

Redmi Note 9 Pro Bursts Into Flame: Report

Redmi Note 9 Series Smartphone Catches Fire In India

A Redmi Note 9 Pro/ Pro Max blast has been reported online. A Twitter user called Priyanka Pavra narrated her ordeal via the microblogging website. Describing the incident Pavra said that her brother was caught off guard with the sudden smoke emerging from the Redmi Note 9 Pro/ Pro Max smartphone.

Pavra’s brother instantly threw the phone in the water to avoid any major damages from the blast. Thankfully, no injuries or damages have been reported due to this smartphone blast incident. However, the device became completely non-functional post the blast. Also, the damage is non-repairable. The image of the damaged device was also shared by the user.

The image shows a shattered display and the back panel with the lower half burnt majorly. As of now, the reason for this incident is unknown. Xiaomi has acknowledged the issue and the company’s support team have also reached out to the customer.

The company is still carrying out investigations to know the exact reason for this blast. However, the company has claimed that this blast due to customer-induced damage. The brand believes the external force is what caused the Redmi Note 9 Pro/ Pro Max unit to go up in flames. Some more clarifications would likely suffice going forward.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time any such incidence has been reported. We have come across several reports where Xiaomi smartphones went up in flames. It’s not just Xiaomi that has been in the headlines for this reason.

Other brands have also come under the radar with smartphone blast incidents. It seems that such incidents remain inevitable despite all the security measures and numerous quality tests during manufacturing. This is one serious concern that needs to be addressed.

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Redmi Note 9 Pro Bursts Into Flame; Xiaomi Says ‘Customer Induced’ Damage