The world’s fastest-growing mobile phone brand realme has exposed plans to introduce 3 world-premiere innovation-forward technologies in a special event being held regarding realme GT 2 Collection on Monday, December 20, 2021. Since the realme GRAND TOURING 2 series is the most superior flagship ever, realme is designed to push into the high-end global market and pursue leading innovations.

Making cutting-edge technologies and trendsetting designs more accessible to young customers offers helped realme become the most youthful smartphone brand in the worldwide Top 06, and maintain solid momentum in its international extension. As the first high-end flagship phone for realme, the brand wants to make a great first impression for young users in terms of technology and innovation. realme will present three world-first technologies in the GT 2 series in this event, including materials, pictures, and communication.

For more information on the realme GRAND TOURING 2 series, please stay tuned for more.

realme Announces a GT 2 Series special event to present Three World-First innovations on Dec. 20