In recent news, a good Imported Sugar Tracking System has been introduced which was produced by Punjab Information Technology (PITB) within collaboration with Punjab Food Department, which aims at facilitating the government and the stakeholders of the sugar industry by making sure hassle-free workflows without any gaps. Overall, the system helps in enhancing transparency and ease of overseeing from port dispatches to sales. Imported Sugar Monitoring System is the first of its type digitized system and is right now functional across Punjab.

The system dashboard open to Deputy Commissioners has enabled district governments to well-timed track the dispatches plus transits of received plus sold sugar across Punjab with the option of recording the particular payments against those consignments. Additionally , this system is also beneficial in keeping a tab on sugar prices and facilitate well-timed interventions in this regard. The system provides dispatch, receiving, transit, transaction, and vessel details. The Punjab Food Department is working towards establishing an even more transparent and resilient supply chain through the PITB facilitated Imported Sugar Tracking System. This initiative will not simply facilitate the government but also the relevant stakeholders by ensuring end-to-end tracking of sugar in the port to the distributors in order to sales in districts.

Punjab Government’s Imported Sugar Tracking System to ensure ease of overseeing and Transparency