Within recent news, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) provides launched an innovative automated system termed as the ‘Lost & Stolen Device System’ (LDS) which primarily blocks mobile phones which have been lost, stolen, and snatched.

This will provide ease and facilitation to the users who want to obtain phones blocked in case of any tragic mishap. A PTA spokesperson added the following:
“Complainants can easily document a request with PTA for blocking the IMEI of such handset to prevent it from potential misuse. ”

Primarily through this new system if a phone is definitely lost or stolen customers can report to the respective authorities and the stolen mobile phone will be blocked within twenty four hours after the necessary verification. This method is integrated with the PTA’s Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System (DIRBS).

If you wish to block a mobile phone you own, you will have to lodge a request with the PTA through its online Issue Management System (CMS) which you can check on the official website from the PTA. Once a complaint is usually filed, the complainant can receive a reference number upon successful registration of the preventing request.

For every information or questions, users can contact PTA Consumer Support Centre’s toll-free quantity at 0800-55055. The number will stay operational 12 hours a day from 9 am in order to 9 pm all seven days of the week.

In the case of a phone which has been recovered, the user will have to have the same procedure to have the mobile phone unblocked and provide the proper details. Once the phone has been unblocked, the user will receive a good SMS confirmation.

PTA Launches An Online System To Block Lost And Taken Mobile Phones