Many people do not have the luxury of owning the latest gaming consoles and instead stick to gaming upon smartphones. However , Sony’s TOP DOG Jim Ryan confirmed that Sony will be bringing their particular iconic PlayStation games to smartphones hence expanding their own domain over the mobile gaming ecosystem.

The particular CEO hinted that Sony could take steps to bring PlayStation’s IP to smartphones therefore bringing one of the most iconic Ps exclusives to a much wider audience. This could be a win for both the company and the gaming audience as this will make PlayStation more prominent and also providing gamers more games to look for than the usual ones we normally see on our smartphone’s digital stores.

According to numerous sources, Sony will release a huge number of games for mobile which is expected to happen in the initial year of its expansion. Nevertheless , Sony has not confirmed exactly what platforms they will be mostly targeting on i. e. either iOS or Android or even both.

All in all, it would be amazing to see games such as Uncharted, Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War, and more coming up on our mobile phones.

PlayStation Games Set To Come To Smartphones Soon