Panasonic LED TV in India 2019 – Review & Buying Guide

Panasonic is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturer from Japan. Panasonic is the best choice for TVs for those who want to try premium features of television at a reasonable price.

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new LED TV. Find Best LED TV in India.

Panasonic TV Technologies


Panasonic established OLED technology in its high-end 4k TV market. The OLED technology is the state of the art technology that stands for organic light-emitting diode, that uses organic material that glows when electricity passes through them. It can turn off and on individual pixels empowers OLED TV to attain superior black levels and wide contrast ratio compared to LED or LCD TVs.

HEXA Chroma Drive Pro

Panasonic LED TV is the world’s first HDR-capable 4K TV which supports professional-grade image processing. HEXA Chroma Drive Pro technology engages state-of-art image processing algorithms that use six color reproduction instead of 3 used in other contemporary TVs.

Super Bright Plus IPS LED

Super Bright Plus technology serves more brightness in the Panasonic LED TV pictures by putting efficient LED lights behind perfectly transmissive IPS panel. This technology makes pictures look crisper and dynamic even from a full angle viewing. IPS panels enhance the durability of Panasonic televisions.

Multiple HDR Support

Premium PANASONIC LED TVs offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which is display technology in TVs to improve dynamic contrast, impart better brightness and give a more full-color palette that brings the TV watching experience to a more realistic one. Thus, the whites are brighter; blacks are darker, and other colors more natural.

Newer models also support Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) HDR format. It’s unable to give the full DCI color space that’s a critical part of high dynamic range images.

Fine Remaster Engine

4K Fine Remaster Engine is a solution to cope up with the problem when delivering lower resolution content on 4K TV needs upscaling so that the aired picture doesn’t look grainy and pixelated. It has appointed example-based resolution technology which easily copes with various sources, which includes Full-HD, SD images, online movies, and others.

Backlight Motion Rate in Panasonic TVs

Panasonic offers Backlight Motion Rate (BMR) for its latest bundles of television. Panasonic has high BMR numbers like in 1500 Hz or 1800 Hz, but actual motion rate measures are 100 hertz for premium models like FX730 and FX600.

Dynamic Blade Speaker with Bluetooth Audio Link

Panasonic TV assured the development of Dynamic Blade Speaker, a deceitfully slim audio system. It gives strong bass so dynamic content; credit goes to its group of 14 speaker units. These Speaker units accommodate four squawkers, eight woofers, and two tweeters. Along with, there is also a quad passive radiator specialty added to spice up the bass. It gives an audio output of 80W, which is best in class and pleasure for audiophiles.

Latest models come with Bluetooth Audio Link function which allows to connect the TV to external speakers via Bluetooth and to play songs from their gadgets onto the fantastic audio setup of Panasonic TV.

My Smart Homescreen 4.0

Panasonic led tv offers Firefox-based My Home Screen operating system (OS). Latest Panasonic led 4k smart TVs from 2019 onwards with come with My Home Screen 4.0 version. My Home Screen comes with limitations, and it lacks the smoothness of LG’s WebOS.

Panasonic-LED-TV Review

Innovative design

Panasonic has an individual ‘Swivel and Lift’ model, which appears to float in the air with its contemporary pedestal. This design highlights the screen, to put significance on the aired picture and also gives an impression of lightness and grandiosity.


Therefore Panasonic offers a right blend of picture quality with dynamic sound at a very affordable price range. Panasonic is using the power of its HCX intelligent processor to execute significant leap between OLED’s off (zero black) and on (above black) states smoothly without a sudden jerk.

Though Panasonic has done quite an excellent job in the sound segment, they fall short with the Dolby sound system. Panasonic uses an open-source (a free) HDR10 version.

Even more, Panasonic uses a Firefox-based OS, which isn’t as powerful as webOS, is going to be obsolete. Panasonic TVs designs their model innovatively to give it a premium look.

Panasonic was one of the premium tv brands, but finally, with the above flaws, Panasonic LED TV slips out of top 5 companies by sales in India. Due to this, Panasonic is struggling hard to win back its customer base by offering better TV.


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