Pakistan brought in a whopping $1. 946 billion dollars worth of mobile phones throughout the July-May period of 2021-22. Compared to the figure of $1. 860 billion over the same period last year, this development symbolizes a boost of 4. 62 percent.

The data, courtesy of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) will be interesting given the embrace the local manufacturing of phones.

Overall, telecom imports for the country increased by 11. 5 percent in the last year, going up from $2. 337 billion to $2. 597 billion.

The PBS data recommended that, on a monthly basis, imports of mobile phones into Pakistan decreased by 35. 54 percent during May 2022 and continued to be at $137. 213 mil when compared to $212. 881 mil imported in April 2022.

Meanwhile, on a year-on-year basis, mobile phones observed a 21. 82 percent negative growth in May 2022 when compared to $175. 501 million in May 2021.

On a month-on-month basis, the overall telecom imports into the country witnessed a drop of 33. 50 percent during May 2022 and remained on $183. 985 million, in comparison with the imports of $276. 652 million in April 2022.

On the year-on-year basis, overall telecom imports experienced 16. sixty percent negative growth when compared to $220. 559 million in-may 2021. Other apparatus imports during July-May 2021-22 increased by 36. 66 percent and remained at $651. 323 million compared to $476. 612 million in July-May 2020-21.

The increase in mobile imports regardless of the increase in locally manufactured handset is certainly noteworthy. According to PTA data, of the over 9 million mobile phones that were manufactured locally, 53 percent are smartphones while 47 % are 2G devices within the Pakistan network.

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