It appears that Oppo is taking matters in its own hands, since it comes to light that the business is developing its own high-end chips for flagship mobile phones, according to a  report by  The Brink .    

Two people who spoke towards the newspaper said that the plan has been to release custom SoCs in 2023 or 2024 “depending on the speed of development. ” Oppo reportedly wants to use TSMC’s advanced 3nm process technology for the chips.  

If plans come to pass, Oppo would be the latest major smart phone manufacturer to take control of its own SoC design.    

Yesterday Search engines launched the  Pixel 6 plus 6 Pro , its first cell phones with a custom SoC called Tensor. Apple and Samsung also design their own smart phone chips, as did Huawei before US sanctions decimated its mobile business.  

Oppo presently uses chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek, like other Chinese smartphone vendors because the crackdown on Huawei. Xiaomi designed and released the low-end SoC called the Spike S1 for its budget Mi 5C phone in 2017, but since then its chip design efforts have been restricted to secondary components like picture signal processors.  

Qualcomm is good aware of the fact that it stands to lose precious business when companies like Oppo start designing their own SOCs, as suggested by a  recent subtweet .   Oppo is the fourth biggest smartphone maker in the world with regards to shipments, according to IDC, plus given it shares a source chain and ownership with big names like Vivo,   Realme  and OnePlus, Oppo-developed chips could quickly find their way directly into phones from multiple brands.  

Oppo is reportedly developing its very own chips for flagship cell phones