Why Visit The Reviews Site Before Buying Any Product Or Services?


A buyer’s behavior depends on his or her socio-economic and psychological evaluation. Even in earlier days, people used to check with their reliable sources before buying any product. Nowadays, with smartphone and internet, we get maximum reviews from different websites before purchasing a product or service.  Research data says, 90% customer rely on online reviews just like a personal endorsement. People go through reviews of different products; sometimes, many of them are not even their bucket list.

The Power Of Consumer Online Reviews

Consumers have a unique calculation system, which is unpredictable and unparallel to any research survey. Though, report says that Consumer who regularly visits sites and go through the product reviews, trust them mostly. Some of the reputed brands ask buyers to give their valuable feedback on the sold product. Some customers do leave their experiences and share their opinions. As a result, it affects a possible buyer’s decision-making process.

To look into the broader spectrum of the relationship between customer and review, we need to understand the key features of customer behavior pattern. Here are some insights:

  1. Socio-economic status
  2. Psychological state
  3. Age bar
  4. Gender
  5. Ethnic values
  6. Contemporary Fashion trends
  7. Culture and locality
  8. Recognition
  9. Prior experience -first or second hand
  10. Personal choice and personality

Importance Of Review

Sometimes a decision is indeed made collectively, and some are made spontaneous. Research data shows; more extensive and costly items need more research and reviews to go through, rather than small and less expensive products.

Similarly, when there is a small group is acting as a decision-maker, the members divide the work among themselves. Such as, few are choosing the right product to buy; on the other hand, some are going through the reviews and comparative study of the same article on different websites. Finally, some are going to buy the product. Interestingly many times, people buy a different material rather than the prior chosen one. But a close observation shows that the latest buy is also a come-out of initial reviews they have gone through.

Online reviews sometimes depend on a particular service provider also. Depending on a service provider, the same product may get dissimilar feedback on two different websites. Here, it is to take note that, buyers go ahead with their purchase even after a product got a bad review and low ratings. Many a time, People choose to rate a product instead of writing down experience. Broadly, it affects the review process.

Anyone can manipulate ratings and can be partial with a particular brand. In this case, none has to write down a factual statement or explain one’s opinion. Data says, a bad mood also can earn you a poor rating. So, people who, take notice of these things, they tally the reviews and ratings from different websites before making a decision.

How Review Changes Consumer’s Mind

Consumer’s state of mind splits into two halves – present state and wishing state. Both the state finally depends on your need. Hence, while going through a series of product, a buyer is doing a mental calculation at the same time. The calculation involves, feature, value for money, durability, warranty, and any other best alternatives. The buyer visits different websites to do more research. This process is an ongoing one.

After buying a product, the customer going through a comparative study between the expectations built up during the buying process and the real experience of the post-purchase. If a buyer is frequently shopping online and has some rough encounter, they become more calculative about reviews.


Buyers try to look into the credibility of a person who has given either positive or negative feedback. Therefore, before buying a product or service, a mental assessment is done by the buyer. They go through the sites, read and evaluate the reviews and ratings, make the comparison and lastly if the product fits into their immediate needs, they go ahead with the purchase. Thus, product review plays a distinctive role in purchasing and again reviewing the same by someone else.

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