In recent news, Pakistan imported mobile phones worth dropped by 6. 66 percent which is a decrease to $285. 947 million from the previous $306. 363 million a year ago in accordance to the data launched by the Pakistan Bureau associated with Statistics (PBS).

The imports of mobile phones into Pakistan have improved by 39. 81 % during August 2021 and remained up to $166. 710 million in comparison to the $119. 237 million on a monthly basis based on the PBS data.

However , on a yearly time frame, mobile phones witnessed an increase associated with 5. 27 percent in comparison with the $158. 364 in August 2020. In regards to the overall telecom imports into the nation on a monthly basis, the numbers possess increased by 31. fifty nine percent during August 2021 and remained $208. 57 million when compared to the July 2021 imports which were approximated up to $158. 493 million.

Moreover, various other apparatus imports stated a 6. 60 percent development on a month-on-month basis which usually remained up to $41. 87 million in August 2021 compared to $39. 256 mil in July 2021 with a registered 19. 44 percent growth compared to the August 2020 estimate of $35. 036 million in August 2020.

Mobile phone imports decline by six. 6 percent