As LG provides exited in the smartphone marketplace, the company is still dedicated to supporting its customers who currently own an LG range topping smartphone. As of now, the company has provided a proper list of which LG ELECTRONICS smartphones will be eligible for the respective Android update. This includes a detailed Android eleven update roadmap.

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The Android 11 up-date mentions a diverse group of smartphones which also includes the ever-popular LG Velvet 5G. This also includes the normal LTE Velvet, LG Side, and G8s as well as the K42 and K52 series. Nevertheless , it is to be noted these updates are region-dependent and may even vary with respect to time area and date. Following below is the list of devices entitled to the Android 11 upgrade:

Phone name Rollout date Status
LG Velvet 5G April 2021 Completed
LG G8X Q3 2021 Testing
LG ELECTRONICS Velvet (LTE) Q4 2021 Testing
LG G8S Q4 2021 Testing
LG Side Q4 2021 Testing
LG K52 Q4 2021 Testing
LG K42 Q4 2021 Testing

Moreover, for your Android 12 and thirteen updates, premium LG mobile phones such as the Wing, Velvet, V50, G8, and few common LG devices will get the respective update. Following below is the list of devices eligible for the Android 12 and 13 updates:

Phone name Android 12 update Android 13 update
LG Wing Eligible Eligible
LG Velvet (5G) Eligible Eligible
LG Velvet (LTE) Eligible Eligible
LG V50S Qualified Not qualified
LG V50 Eligible Not eligible
LG G8 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q31 Eligible Not eligible
LG Q52 Eligible Not entitled
LG Q92 5G Eligible Not eligible

With LG quitting the smartphone market, the main question within everyone’s mind is that is the end of LG or a new beginning in terms of market strategy?

LG Shares A List Of Phones Which Will Be Eligible For Android Updates