LG Refrigerator In India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Find Best LG Refrigerator In India based on performance, features, and reviews. Lucky Goldstar or LG is one of the most trustworthy domestic appliance brands in India. This is known for its innovations, quality product, & after-sales service. When it ventured in India 20 years back it was a barely known Korean brand.Β But now this brand is one of the market leaders along with Samsung. It has established two refrigerator manufacturing units, one in Pune and the other one in Noida. The outcomes of these units come with plenty of smart features and eye-catching style. LG refrigerators are filled with advanced features which come in various forms. Furthermore, different types of the model like LG refrigerator side by side, double and single door, LG refrigerator 4 door, LG refrigerator mini, etc. are available.

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Technology Used In LG Refrigerator

Dual Fridge Technology

The new series of LG refrigerator consists of dual fridge technology which enables the user to convert the regular refrigerator into the freezer or vice versa. This technology has the fastest conversion time of fewer than 68 minutes.

Insta View Door-In-Door

Insta-view mechanics with door-in-door mechanics are common in all the models. The easy accessible compartments enhance comfort to the users. You can easily check what is inside the fridge. The user gets a response just with knocks at the door. The fridge illuminates for 10 seconds at this.

Auto-Open Door

The sensors at the underneath of the fridge door sense the presence of any user. Moreover, the light glows for a few moments after identification. This is an optimal new skill added to the brand models. This provides a contemporary look and advanced features.

Inverter Linear Compressor

Another notable feature of LG refrigerator parts is that they have an inverter linear compressor. This saves energy up to 32% by adjusting cooling power. Also, as this compressor has less friction point so minimal noise is emitted.

Door Cooling+ With Multi Airflow

You can set the climate according to your will. You can also let the model think its climatic need. Automatic climate sensors are present in the latest models. This ensures complete and equal cooling in all sectors and units of the fridge. This is the optimal mechanics introduced into the fridge. It has multiple air vents which help the air to circulate in a diverse direction. This mechanics also reduces the temperature gap between the inner and door part compartments of the model. This expertise advancement helps in maintaining the quality of the foodstuff.

Upscaled Design With Platinum Fresh Wall Textured Steel

The latest designs of LG refrigerators have been upscaled with stainless steel body along with scratch-resistant textured finish which imparts a premium look to the fridge. The interiors of the LG refrigerator are built of a platinum wall with stainless steel. As stainless steel is an excellent insulator, it helps in maintaining the cold temperature inside the fridge. While platinum helps in keeping the food, remain fresh for a longer time and provides an upscale look to this model.


It is one of the best reliable brands in India. Also, it has won many awards for the commitment to quality products.Β Even more, LG refrigerators warranty is five years for the compressor, and ten years for the inverter compressors. So, customers don’t have tension for LG refrigerator repair. Finally, you can easily opt for the product.



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