Recently, LG experienced exited from the smartphone business and had declared that they would not be developing any brand new smartphones. However , the company can still provide Android improvements to all respective LG smartphones.

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Hence, The Velvet, Wing, and G-and V- series phones from the year 2019 will obtain three Android updates from their year of release. However , the 2020 smartphone range such as the LG Stylo plus K series will only receive two updates.

To get a better understanding of this, the 2019 range of LG ELECTRONICS smartphones came out with Android 10 while Android eleven rollout was currently happening. Hence, these phones will receive Android 12 and thirteen as well. The company has considered it as a ‘three-year pledge’ which gives a ‘three-OS-update guarantee’.

This is actually a serious surprise that LG continues to be supporting its consumers since many users believed that LG ELECTRONICS was completely done with the particular smartphone ecosystem

LG Promises To Support Users Along with Updates Despite Of Stopping The Smartphone Business