LG LED TV in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

LG is one of the most preferred TV brands in India. It offers varieties of the model while outnumbering its’s other competitors in the market. The brand is one of the most trusted one by millions of buyers across India. Its thrive for exploring and commitment to serve better with the latest technology and innovation leads to a big jump, and LG comes up with OLED TV. A broad horizon opens up in front of buyers, and we are making a note as well as understanding the possibilities of the more modern technology. 

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new LED TV. Find Best LED TV in India.

LG LED TV Features


 LG OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which uses non-metallic organic material that glows when electricity passes through them. It comes with excellent picture quality – brilliant colors, numerous contrasts. A fast response rate and wide viewing angles give an extra edge to the most sought after TV.

Alpha9 Processor with ThinQ AI

Exclusive OLED 4K TVs from LG starting 2019 onwards comes with an advanced second-generation Alpha9 processor powered with ThinQ AI (artificial intelligence). Alpha9 is solely designed for LG OLED TVs so that they can deliver exquisite detail, vibrant color and more contrast on every image/scene on the 4k screen. Alpha9 performs through 5-step improvement:

  1. Quad step noise reduction
  2. Frequency-based sharpness enhancer
  3. Object depth enhancer
  4. True color reproduction
  5. Frame rate improvement

LG Active HDR

HDR stands for high dynamic range. HDR significantly expands the scope of two crucial factors—contrast ratio and color accuracy. Thus, bright parts of the image get much more polished, and the picture gets more depth.

IPS 4K Nano Cell Display

Nano Cell Display forms another technological innovation from the Korean conglomerate offers accurate colors with vibrant details for a flawless experience even while viewing it from a tilted angle up to 60 degrees. This outstanding result comes with absorbing surplus light wavelengths. Nano Cell Display makes the picture quality 64 times richer than standard TV.

Best LG LED TV in India

ULTRA Luminance technology helps in delivering sharper and crisper image highlights.

LG Smart TVs with webOS

The webOS is the operating system of  LG to power its smart TV line up, which has the best rate by tech experts. It is perfect in terms of design and usability.

Essential features of webOS 4.5 are:

  1. Multi-Window
  2. Magic Remote with Magic Link
  3. Magic Zoom
  4. Hotkeys and Customization

LG TruMotion

LG TV markets refresh rate as LG TruMotion, which it uses to assuage the motion blur effect which causes the image(s) to blur when playing fast-paced scene. TruMotion upscales the refresh rate to keep up with faster programming to weed out the motion blur, which helps to view experience of high-speed action or sports scenes.

AI Surround Sound

LG uses ThingQ and AI technology, which has a profound impact on sound quality. The α9 intelligent processor discerns audio genres and optimizes sound.

Anti-mosquito Technology in LG TVs

LG LED TV becomes the first manufacturer of Mosquito Away Technology which works on the principle of ultrasonic waves that shuns the mosquito’s ability to detect humans by CO2 concentration making them inactive and ultimately fly off to the distant place.


LG led tv is one of the manufacturers who are expert in capturing the nerves of Indian consumers. They are offering features which can cope up with vagaries of Indian weather, chemical-free protection from pesky mosquitoes and electricity protection. With the inclusion of OLEDs, they undoubtedly provide an unbeatable picture viewing experience for its prior customers.

Finally, the drawbacks of LG TVs are they fall short of delivering excellent value for money. They give preference for IPS panels, which has a poor contrast ratio, meaning that in the murky dark environment, blacks would appear to be gray. Above all, LG continues to keep them as an innovative and versatile brand for nearly two decades in this segment; this can make you go-to-brand for your next TV purchase.


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