Latest Washing Machine Technologies in India – buying Guide

First of all, Over time the Washing machine grows its importance in every house. On contrast with time washing, machine industry makes them technologically more efficient and sound.

Best Washing Machine Brands in India

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new Washing Machine. Find Best Washing Machines in India. You can also get details How To Choose The Best Washing Machine.

Key Washing Machine Technologies

Double up your Load with TwinWash and Flexwash

Flexwash from Samsung is a hybrid design offers the flexibility of using both types load in the same machine. Hence, it has a central front loader machine with 21 Kg capacity, with a small top loader of the size of 3.5 Kg.

TwinWash from LG provides two separate drums for washing.

Cleaning using EcoBubble and O2 wash

EcoBubble technology of Samsung unlocks the power of bubbles to give effective cleaning at lower temperatures. Similarly, O2 wash of IFB generates millions of air bubbles penetrating deep into the fabric to remove stubborn dirt.

6 Motion DD and WaveMotion

LG’s 6 Motion DD technology provides optimized motion combination for each fabric type. Tumble, Stepping Scrubbing, Swing. Rolling and Filtration are the steps.

Similarly, Whirlpool’s SoftMove technology smartly senses load in the drum and acts upon it using adaptive programs and drum movements.

Even more, IFB has devised its newer breed of washers with a variety of wash styles like Latest Air bubble Wash, 360° Wash, Cradle Wash, O2 Wash, etc.

Washing Machine Technologies

Improved Drum Technology

Samsung offers softly curled diamond-shaped ridged design with 25% smaller holes. While the gaps are also located deep within each diamond-shaped depression to avert the clothes under the drum from sticking out and consequently being damaged.

Bosch’s comes with VarioDrum technology which spins in one direction, flat side of the attached paddle for cleaning.

SuperSoak and BubbleSoak to Soak it Better

BubbleSoak technology helps in removing stubborn stains by soaking clothes in bubbles. Likewise, Whirlpool’s SuperSoak technology ensures the removal of tough stains and dirt.

Similarly, Eco Drum Cleaning technology automatically sanitizes the drum by removing allergens using hot water and powerful jet streams.

Washing Machines with built-in Heaters

New and premium washing machines finally come equipped with heaters and automatic temperature control using attached sensors.

Quieter Washers with VRT+ and AntiVibration Technology

VRT+ technology tries to keep a lower noise level and washer balance stable, so vibration is minimal.

AntiVibration technology during the spin cycle

Battling the Hard Problem of Hard Water

Hard water becomes challenging to dissolve detergent. Therefore white layers of residues get accumulated around the drum and the supply pipe. IFB’s Aqua Energie technology protects the machine from chocking. This technology has a built-in aqua filter to break down the bicarbonates in hard water to make it soft.

Auto Dispenser to Solve Detergent Quantity

Too much of detergent increases the water intake. If not dissolve properly, it would remain stuck in the clothes, causing skin allergies and irritation. Auto Detergent Dosage technology by Whirlpool and I-DOS by Bosch determines the optimum quantity of detergent based on the amount of load and degree of soiling in the clothes, to provide a perfect wash.

Washing Machine Types

Improved Hardware & Design to Increase Efficiency

Samsung comes with Digital Inverter technology with ten years of warranty. The speed of the motor adjusted with the load. Brushless digital inverter motor runs efficiently and saves quite a few units of electricity.

Similarly, the motor of LG’s Direct Drive technology and Siemens’s intelligent iQDrive consumes less energy and makes less noise.

Smart Control using Apps and Sensors

The basic concept of Smart Diagnosis technology using NFC tags is the smartphone with the Smart Diagnosis app installed would listen to the tone transmission. While the user presses the button on the washer and warns if there is an issue.

By Smart Control app Samsung allows users to control their washer using a smartphone.


In recent times, there has been a significant change in the customer profile of the washing machine industry in India. Washing machines are instead becoming an essential need for households. Companies are modifying their products to attract sales from these customers and provide them with technologically advanced washing machines.


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