Most gadgets cant endure 30 days stuck at the bottom of the icy lake. But an iPhone 11 Pro has defied the odds. When a Canadian, Angie Carriere, recently decided to celebrate her 50th birthday snow fishing in Waskesiu Lake, she ended up dropping the girl iPhone 11 Pro in the lake, reports CTV News. However , in an extraordinary change of events, the phone driven up soon after its retrieval from the lake.

“I didn’t put my phone in rice; I knew it didn’t work. The next morning for reasons uknown, a little while later, I was strolling by and I saw the particular Apple symbol which was surprising at first, and then when I do the swipe up it went to the screen saver, and I thought, ‘what on Earth? ’”, Carriere told CTV news.

The user says that apart from a neglectable concern, the phone is fine. There was clearly some minor condensation on the camera, which has since gone aside. Everything seemed to be intact. “There’s nothing about the phone that does not work, ” Carriere said, adding, “It’s amazing. ”

Apple company says the  iPhone 11 Pro, which came out within 2019, has a rating of IP68, meaning it can handle a maximum depth of 4 meters of drinking water for up to 30 minutes. Clearly, it isn’t really expected to survive 30 days at the bottom of a cold lake, yet this latest happening proves that it can.

Apple unveiled the iPhone eleven in 2019, and while Apple’s flagship lineup consists of the newer iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini, plus 12 Pro Max versions, the iPhone 11 has continued to be the lower-cost option.

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apple iphone 11 works perfectly after spending three weeks at the bottom of the frozen lake