IFB Washing Machine in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Find Best IFB Washing Machine in India based on performance, features, and reviews. First of all, IFB is a world-class premium local brand. It is more efficient in the front load technology and thus ranked number one in this segment. This four-decade-old brand occupies over 40% of present market share. Hence, IFB was established in 1974 as producers of engineering equipment and blanking components. Through their constant innovation and advancement, they gathered a remarkable position in the electronics market. Product quality of IFB washing machine is superior compared to various other brands.

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new Washing Machine. Find Best Washing Machines in India. You can also get details How To Choose The Best Washing Machine and Latest Washing Machine Technologies in India

Key Washing Machine Technologies

Smart Loader

First of all, this is the new generation of smart washer devices. It automatically identifies the need for the laundry. Moreover, it checks on the amount of soil in the clothes present in its drum. Above all, Smart washer comes with quick mechanics and is designed to save electricity. Even some of the variants of Smart Loaders come with a warranty period of 4years on the motor & ten years on spare parts.

IFB washing machines review

Wide Range of Washing Styles

IFB Washing Machine front load offers a wide range of washing styles like:

Air bubble Wash
360° Wash
Cradle Wash
O2 Wash
Steam Wash

360° Wash

360° wash is designed using a diverse and innovative water framework. The water is sprayed using a nozzle on the laundry in the cleaning system. The specially engineered drum of this device circulates in a 360-degree motion. Therefore this mechanics ensures proper soaking of the garments in an ideal amount of detergent for better cleaning.

O2 Wash

O2 wash is the most recent technological advancement by IFB brand. The washer produces millions of air bubbles, and these travel deep into the fabrics. The bubbles aids in removing the stubborn dirt and colours. The machine uses 3D technology during the rinsing cycle. The cleaning process eliminates the minute detergent particles from the garments. Thus the washed laundry is perfectly clean and safe for even allergic individuals.

Cradle Wash

IFB’s Cradle wash deals with washing of delicate fabrics like- satins, laces, silk, etc. This technology prevents the device & detergent from acting too harsh on clothes. Cradle wash thus ensures gentle care to delicate garments.

Steam Wash

In the higher end, IFB washing machine parts offer a dynamic combination of water and stream. Even small amount of water helps in generating large amounts of steam. The steam expands and in turn, gathers volume. Above all, Steam wash complements water wash and provides a smooth and wrinkle-free laundry.

Aqua Energie to Tackle Hard Water

The hard water problem is a fundamental issue. Furthermore, hardness of water is the leading cause of deteriorating health. Moreover, dissolving the detergent in hard water is a challenging task. Therefore layers of residues accumulate around the drum and supply pipe. To handle this challenge efficiently, IFB washing machine direct drive has innovated this Aqua Energie technology to protect this washer device from chocking.

The primary purpose of Aqua Energie mechanics is to convert hardness of water into softness. This technology comes with a built-in aqua filter, which breaks down the bicarbonates present in hard water into minute crystals.

Triadic Pulsator

Triadic Pulsator used in the new high-end IFB Washing Machines top load and front load devices has soft scrub pads for easy removal of stains in clothes. Therefore, the influential swirl 3D water jet gets activated and takes out dirt from every corner of the garments.


Finally, IFB, a business established during the Bengal’s communist regime, has come a long way to become a dominant force in the Indian washing machine industry. Considering other Indian brands like Videocon, Godrej, and BPL have failed to impress the Indian audience. IFB washing machine in India has time and comes out with products having a sturdy build & well-mannered performance at an affordable price.



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