For quite a while, foldable phones have become a certain trend that businesses such as the likes of Samsung have introduced. Huawei likewise has entered into this competition and is constantly competing along with Samsung and other rivals. With Samsung set to launch 2 new foldable phones, Huawei is countering its competitor by announcing to start three new foldable mobile phones.

The Chinese company started working on the foldable technology right after Samsung had released the first Galaxy Fold. However , due to particular restrictions created by the U. S government the company has not been able to catch with Samsung in this domain.

Huawei’s upcoming foldable mobile phone will be in the mid-range class as the company believes which the lower price of the upcoming smartphones will give a more appealing seem hence ensuring that the gadgets are affordable for all.

Moreover, a report simply by DigiTimes further added, which the popularity of such cell phones is said to increase the global deliveries of AMOLED display panels in 2021 from four. 4 million a year to nearly 12 million.

Huawei Is Aiming To Launch Brand new Foldable Phones