If you use WhatsApp regularly then you’re probably aware of those frustrating chat backups that take place every 2: 00 AM. Even if you were using WhatsApp at such a time, everything regarding the application would postpone until the backup is completed. This article is all about getting rid of those pesky chat backups or at least staying away from them.

The reason why do these backups occur?

Before progressing to the part of avoiding these backups, we first need to trace back to why do these types of backups occur. The concept at the rear of it is rather simple. WhatsApp fundamentally stores all of your chat history and media securely for you so that when you decide to delete the application from your phone or even decide to switch. These backups can help you get all that information back otherwise none of your own chat histories would be saved at all.

Hence, WhatsApp backups your chat data in 2 places:

  1. Local device storage.
  2. Cloud drive (such as OneDrive, Google Generate, and iCloud).

The backup that occurs in your device locally is called ‘local backup’ which practically occurs every day at the same time. However , the backup which takes place in your Google Drive or iCloud occurs based on the option of when to backup you needed decided when using WhatsApp the first time.

How to get rid of these backups?

These backups primarily just eat our device’s storage leaving nothing else for you to shop. Moreover, if there are so many back up copies in your phone storage locally chances are your phone will slow down and will be unable to make use of any other app.

In the case of your cloud generate, the backups take a moderate amount of data which would cause you to head into Google Drive or iCloud and deleting the files one by one.

So here are some methods you are able to go for depending upon what gadget you are using.

1 . Manually deleting the particular backup – For nearby storage only

This is the easiest method of all. For this you will have to head over to your phone’s File Explorer or Our Files and then tap on ‘Internal Storage’ as shown below:

Then head over to the WhatsApp folder which will be at the bottom from the list most presumably with a tiny WhatsApp icon mounted on it as shown beneath:

Once you reach the WhatsApp folder head over to a folder called ‘Databases’ where you will see your own chat backup present.

Once you open up the databases folder you will see a ‘msgstore. db’ file consuming over 480+ MEGABYTES storage. Having a number of these files can lead up to total internal storage consumption.

Next, keep the files you want to delete plus tap the delete switch. Do note that the time and date of the file indicate the latest chat backup.

2 . Stopping chat backup through. zip file – For nearby storage only

If you’re a tech-savvy person who just doesn’t want to go through the manual process of deleting files over and over, this method is just for you personally. However , even if you are not a specialized person by following these steps you’ll be able to replicate this method. Nevertheless , to remain on the safe aspect the first method is recommended.

Head over with the same WhatsApp folder as mentioned above but only now create a new folder.

Then merely compress that file to a. zip file by holding the folder and tapping on compress.

In the image above, you can see the new compressed document created called ‘New folder. zip’. After this rename, the particular newly created. zip file to ‘Databases’ without keying in ‘. zip’. After that, you’ll be asked to their change the file extension or cancel the process. Tap on modify and the file extension of the file will be changed.

Through this process, WhatsApp will be unable to immediately create backups hence preserving your phone storage.

3. Turning off chat backup on Impair storage – Only for Search engines Drive, iCloud, etc .

Along with local back up copies, WhatsApp also annoyingly floods up your cloud storage via backups. This is done simply by when you placed your Gmail, Outlook, or iCloud accounts. To disable this, head over to WhatsApp settings and touch on ‘Chat Backup’ since shown below.

You’ll then achieve the chat backup menus where you will be able to check how much amount of data has been backed up and what changes you can make.

Click on the respective ‘Back Up to Drive’ and select ‘Never’. This will save your Impair storage.

4. For iPhone/iPad users

With iPhone or iPad users, the situation is quite different in comparison to Android users. In order to delete data from the iCloud simply open Configurations > Tap on your user name > select iCloud and choose Manage storage. You’ll after that be able to locate ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ from the iCloud folders.

Find it plus delete data and this will delete every single data WhatsApp may have backed up to your iCloud.

However , if you need to delete data from your iPhone or iPad simply visit WhatsApp Setting and find Information and Storage Usage underneath the Chats option. Head over to ‘Storage Usage’ and locate the data you want to delete and touch delete.

Right after following these instructions, you have saved yourselves gigabytes of available storage. However , customers can only hope until Fb decides to provide an option to prevent creating automatic backups.

Learn how to Disable WhatsApp Chat Backups