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Find best Hitachi Air Conditioners in India based on the performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module. The Japanese brand Hitachi is a reputed brand in air conditioning and amongst Fortune 500 Company. Hitachi has a qualified team of engineers and professionals for the R&D section. They are always working hard to improve and innovate air conditioning

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new Air Conditioner. Find Best Air Conditioners in India.

Hitachi AC Technologies

ISee and iSense Technology

ISee technology is an intelligent image sensor technology. The primary purpose of ISee technology is to make sure that the airflow is directed only towards people not on the wall. It also recognizes human absence for a specified time and switches off the Hitachi  AC units automatically to avoid wastage.

ISense Technology has an infrared sensor which detects human movement during the sleep. In case of no active change, Hitachi AC units increase the thermostat temperature by one degree centigrade per hour for the next two hours. Sensors are so smart that it restores the original preset temperature.

Control Your AC Using Your Smartphone

The WiFi-Connect feature is to manage the AC using the smartphone. The user needs to download the app and pair it with a router. Even if the router or WiFi network is not present, one can still connect the smartphone (also tablet) with the HitachiAir Conditioner units using WiFi Direct feature

4-way Swing

AC comes with 2-way (up and down) swing blade. But a HITACHI air conditioner models use 4-way swing function (up-down + right-left) which blows the cold air in multiple directions and cools a huge area faster.

Hot & Cold AC

The Technology behind the AC is “conditioning” or setting it to a desired/specific temperature. This Technology comes with a built-in heater and circulates hot air also. This Technology can operate in the wide range from        -15oC to 52oC.

Auto Humid Control

During monsoons, conventional air conditioners fail to control the humidity and consume more energy and make the room uncomfortably cold. Humidity and temperature data of around 100 cities are fed inside the processor. Based on the data and Using Auto Humid Control technology, it adjusts the air conditioning.

HITACHI AC Conditioner in India

Powerful Mode and Supercool Mode

The powerful mode makes the fan run at the maximum possible speed to cool the room quickly. Similarly, there is a Supercool mode.

iClean Technology

Filters must clean regularly. iClean Technology cleans the filter automatically without human intervention and takes barely 5-7 minutes. There is an innovative brush that moves on the stainless steel plated filter by sweeping the dust. There is a dedicated dust box for collecting dust. So, no need for HITACHI air conditioner manual cleaning process.

Filter Cleanindicator notifies the user If HITACHI air conditioner parts requiremanual cleaning.

Copper Condenser with Anti-corrosive Fin

The heat transfer in the copper condenser is better, and it is more durable and much more comfortable to clean and maintain.

Anti-corrosion fin is very useful to safeguard the AC from corrosive elements and extends the AC’s life.

R-410 Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a fluid which soaks the heat from the room and transfers it to the outer atmosphere. The hydro-fluorocarbon R-410 absorbs and release more heat than conventional refrigerant without ozone depletion. Also, reduce the risk of Hitachi AC compressor burnout due to prolonged usage.

Stabilizer-free Operation

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations can damage the Hitachi AC compressor and HITACHI air conditioner warranty gets hamper. By stabilizer-free operation, HITACHI air conditioner troubleshooting can work steadily and reliably without getting damaged. If voltage fluctuation exceeds the permissible limits (130V-300V), the power supply is automatically switched off.

Expandable Tropical Inverter Technology

Modern Hitachi AC warranty comes with a scalable tropical inverter technology specially designed for India. Hitachi AC compressor is always on and controls the power depending on the temperature of the incoming air in the thermostat. Hitachi AC has introduced a new concept called Dual Flow Expansion Technology (DFET).

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