With Apple launching that they will not be issuing rechargers with the phone you purchase, gradually other companies have implemented exactly the same method. This even reaches other electronic goods like headphones, smartbands, watches, and so forth

You might have heard the reason that Apple and these other companies are looking to reduce digital waste (e-waste). That is somewhat true but not entirely correct. Major smartphone giants like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc . work extremely hard to provide the best quality when it comes to smartphones but this means these companies focus on offering the best quality chargers for their phones.

As customers continue to move from one smart phone to another, they keep on collecting chargers until to a point where consumers either throw them away or place them in a package filled with other useless things. Hence, Apple noticed this particular and decided to not incorporate a charger with the smartphone but rather sell it separately. All in all, it is just more profit for the firm and such a clever strategy has even compelled other companies to find the same piece of the curry.

Although there are first-copy chargers that are very cheap to buy, smartphone companies anticipate their users to buy their particular original chargers so that customers do not damage their cell phones. This is the main reason why Apple company has not moved to an USB type C charging slot on their phones as it would cause them to issue new chargers to their consumers. So we may expect that Appleā€™s super port will stick around regarding quite a long time until the iPhone is totally portless.

Moreover, new extensions are appearing in the market which includes USB ports for users to cost their phones.

However , it is just not regarding the profit for these tech giants as many governments and companies have highlighted the aim to remove e-waste which gives tech companies a valid reason to give to their consumers.

Here is Why Companies Are Not Including Rechargers With Your New Smartphone