Remember when it was so hard in order to shift from iPhone in order to Android especially when moving your entire personal data. Well as of now Google is working on a good iOS app called ‘Switch to Android’ which will permit iOS users to move the data from their iPhone to their Android device.

While users have mainly used Google Drive as a way to move data by uploading this on the drive and then downloading it the same data when using a google device. However , according to current analysts, it was later on revealed that Android’s official ‘Data Restore Tool’ received a good update that contains the term ‘Move to Android for iOS’ which is similar to Apple’s edition ‘Move to iOS’.

As of now the app ‘ Switch to Android’ isn’t available yet on the Enjoy Store but is expected to come out soon and would certainly truly help numerous iOS users who are looking to switch to Android with ease.

Search engines Is Developing A ‘Switch To Android’ App For apple iphone Users