Published: Saturday, March 12, 2022, 13:18 [IST]

While many tech fanatics might not like the new iPhone SE 2022, there is a solid reason for its existence. The new iPhone SE is a successor to the iPhone SE 2020, which looks identical to the iPhone 8, which was launched back in 2017. Here are the possible reasons why the iPhone SE 2022 exists.

Don't Underestimate The iPhone SE 2022: Might Sell Like Hot Cakes

iPhone SE 2020 Really Did Well Last Year

The Apple iPhone SE 2020 is the 8th most sold smartphone in the world in 2021. Even after a year of launch, the iPhone SE 2020 has sold well with a worldwide market share of 1.6 percent. More powerful compact iPhones like the iPhone 12 mini are not even on the list, which confirms that a lot of users still prefer the iPhone SE over the iPhone 12 mini or even the iPhone 13 mini.

While Apple’s iPhone 12 is the highest sold smartphone last year with a market share of 2.9 percent, the devices like the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 are the second and third place. In fact, Apple has sold more number of the iPhone SE 2020 than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most capable Apple iPhone.

Apple Is Catering To The Demand

This clearly indicates that, with the iPhone SE 2022, Apple is just catering to the demand, this time with support for 5G network. Even when it comes to pricing, the Apple iPhone SE 2022 is the most affordable iPhone with 5G support, powered by the A15 Bionic SoC.

This time around, the iPhone SE 2022 is a bit more expensive than the iPhone SE 2020. However, with a starting price of Rs. 43,9000, this is still an affordable 5G iPhone, which will get software support for at least four more years.

Is This The Best Compact iPhone?

No, the iPhone SE 2022 is not the best compact iPhone, in fact, you can also get devices like the iPhone 12 mini for less than Rs. 40,000 during online sales. However, with the A15 Bionic, the iPhone SE 2022 is slightly more powerful, and it is also a device for those, who might want an iPhone with a physical home button and Touch ID support.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 12, 2022, 13:18 [IST]

Don’t Underestimate The iPhone SE 2022: Might Sell Like Hot Cakes