Daikin Air conditioners in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Daikin AC provides reliable and safe air-conditioning solutions. Daikin was the first company in Japan to come with air conditioning systems. Daikin AC provides reliable and safe air-conditioning solutions. Daikin was the first company in Japan to come with air conditioning systems. Daikin Air Conditioner focuses on air-conditioning and fluorochemicals (refrigerants). Daikin AC operates in more than 150 countries.

The production process protects the environment by reducing noise levels and lowering power consumption. Daikin Air Conditionermodels only offer split ACs for residential users. While for commercial users and industrial users, there is a wide range of options—cassette, ducted, and VRV (variable refrigerant volume).

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Daikin AC Technologies

3D Coanda Airflow

Daikin Air Conditionerunit comes with the 3D airflow function. The 3D airflow technology uses not only vertical movement but also lateral movement (up-down + right-left), which blows the cold air in multiple directions. The principal advantage of 3D airflow function is the ability to spread the airflow all over the whole room without the mandatory need for manual adjustment. By this technology, every corner of the room is nearly the same cool.

Also, Daikin Air Conditionerparts open upwards known as Coanda airflow. This technology means the cold air would not directly hit the useful people. Thus, Coanda airflow spreads draftless, pleasant air-conditioning in the entire room.

2-in-1 AC: Cooling and Heating

Daikin Dual-Comfort series provides this 2-in-1 functionality. So irrespective of hot summers or the cold winters, it would save you almost the whole year from the tropical Indian climate. Even in the high temperature of 4oC, they can cool the room by cools performing the quick cooling operations. During the heating operation, the flaps directly flow the warm air to the floor to heat the room faster. And it proofs to be energy savings also.

Power Chill Mode

Power Chill modes of new Daikin AC units maximize the cooling effect irrespective of the operating model to deliver faster cooling. Daikin Air Conditioner promptly cools the room within 20 minutes by flattening the dual flaps and dispersing the air at high speed.

Streamer Discharge Technology

According to World Health Organization levels of air pollution have tremendously increased in the developing country like India. Air pollution also causes respiratory diseases like lung cancer

Particulate matter, PM 2.5 consists of finest particles which are present in the air having the size of two and a half microns in width (or less).

Streamer Discharge technology gives 4-layer filters to filter out most of the dust, allergens, pollutants, and odor-causing bacteria. This 4-stage generates ozone as a byproduct.

daikin split ac India

Copper Condenser with Anti-corrosive Fin

The heat transfer in the copper condenser is better, and it is more durable and much more comfortable to clean and maintain. Daikin Air Conditioner comes with anti-corrosion fins on the outdoor heat exchanger.

Anti-corrosion fin is very useful to safeguard the AC from corrosive elements and extends the AC’s life.

Stabilizer-free Operation

Power cuts and voltage fluctuations can damage the Daikin AC compressor. By stabilizer-free operation, Daikin AC review is useful and can work steadily and reliably without getting hurt. Therefore, it protects the DAIKIN ac warranty. If voltage fluctuation exceeds the permissible limits (160V-264V),), the power supply is automatically switched off.

Inverter Compressor for Optimized Cooling

AC had single-speed compressors which are like an engine to operate the air-conditioning cycle, moving refrigerant. But the concept of the inverter has tremendously changed the dynamics of the industry.

Modern Daikin comes with a scalable tropical inverter technology specially designed for India. It makes DAIKIN air conditioner price a bit higher. Daikin AC compressor is always on and controls the power cut depending on the temperature of the incoming air in the thermostat. Daikin AC compressor used in Daikin inverter ACs gives perfect cooling even in the extreme temperatures of 48C.



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