The smartphone business looks and sounds very interesting. In fact, the number of smartphone brands is increasing every year as more and more OEMs are now interested in getting into the smartphone business. While as enticing as it looks the smartphone market is highly competitive.

Companies That Entered Smartphone Business But Failed Miserably

To sustain in the smartphone market, brands have to think a step ahead and should be ready to adapt to ever-changing technology. Although there seem to be a lot of smartphone brands, most of the brands are related to each other by their parent company.

Brands like Oppo, Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus belong to BBK Electronics, while brands like Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco belong to Xiaomi Inc. There are also a few independent smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple with global domination. This article is not about the successful smartphone brands, in fact, this is about those brands that failed to make a mark in the market.

No, we are not talking about brands like Huawei, Nokia, LG, Sony, or HTC. We are actually talking about the brands that came to the market with a disruptive idea and failed to impress the audience for various reasons. Here are a few smartphone brands that didn’t receive a positive reception and exited the smartphone market in no time.

Amazon -- Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon — Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon — the e-commerce giant also tried its luck in the smartphone business with the launch of the Amazon Fire Phone with unique features like 3D perspective UI with four cameras at the front. The smartphone didn’t get the positive reception that the company was expecting, hence, Amazon ended its short stint in the smartphone space.

Essential -- Essential PH-1

Essential — Essential PH-1

The Essential PH-1 was probably the most sort-out smartphone of 2017 and the first smartphone from Android’s co-founder Andrew E. Rubin. The Essential PH-1 had a premium design with support for modular accessories, and it is also one of the first smartphones to feature a tiny notch at the top of the display. Just like Amazon Fire Phone, the Essential PH-1 is also the only commercial launched smartphone from Essential.

Red -- Red Hydrogen One

Red — Red Hydrogen One

Red is a brand that is known for making cinema-grade cameras. When the brand announced its plan to launch a smartphone, there was a lot of expectation, especially when it comes to the camera capabilities. Again, the Red Hydrogen One didn’t get the red carpet welcome that it was expecting, and the company didn’t bother to make a successor to the same.

There Is A Huge Challenge For New Comers

There Is A Huge Challenge For New Comers

The story of these brands clearly indicates that the smartphone market is a very tough nut to crack. In fact, even some of the well-settled brands failed to keep up with the customer’s expectations, and they are nowhere in the market. These brand stories clearly indicate that it’s very hard to convince consumers to get invest their hard-earned money into something new.

Given Nothing is all set to launch its very first smartphone, the brand has to face the same set of challenges. Hope we will get a new smartphone brand that delivers what the customer is actually looking for rather than being different just for the sake of it.

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Companies That Entered Smartphone Business But Failed Miserably