Carrier Air Conditioner in India 2019 – Reviews and Guide

Find Best Carrier Air Conditioner in India based on the performance, features, and reviews. First of all, Willis Carrierβ€”the founding member of Carrier first comes with the concept of ACs. So, Carrier AC is the root model in the market. It is the famous name in India for its excellent commercial performance.

Key Technologies

Follow Me

An electronic sensor chip placed inside the remote. The carrier air conditioner models adjust the temperature depending on the pieces of information available from the sensor. This working procedure of the sensor called Follow Me.

Get some valuable tips and reviews before buying a new Air Conditioner. Find Best Air Conditioners in India.

Refrigerant Leakage Detector

Improper installation, external damage, or factory defect can cause refrigerant to leak out. Furthermore, refrigerants are toxic and can stop your breathing by cutting down the oxygen supply in the lungs. Also, CMI provides early alarm feature. Therefore, Carrier AC units show the error code if any refrigerant leakage happens. So, you can easily detect such leakage and turns the machine off.

PM 2.5 and Anti-VOC Filter

PM fine particles emitted from the car, bus, truck, wood, oil, grassfire, etc. and cause the following health impairments:

Eye and nose irritation
Throat and lung irritation
Coughing and sneezing
Increased rates of chronic bronchitis
Minimizes proper lung performance

PM 2.5 clear filter provides both ways ventilation to maintain the good inside air quality. A 4-in-1 filter technology works as below and helps in carrier air conditioner troubleshooting.

Vitamin C filter – reduces radicals that get mixed with natural anti-oxidants.
Cold catalyst filter – removes dust
Biofilter – removes micro-sized particles, bacteria, and fungi.
Nano platinum filter – exterminates nanobacteria and particles
Anti-VOC filter – traps volatile organic compounds (VOC).


You must clean the filters regularly. ICleanser technology cleans the filters when the indoor Carrier Air Conditioner unit is in operating mode. At a reduced fan speed, the condensed water removes the dust from the evaporator fins. Also. A cleaning and replacement alert system notifies for manual cleaning.

4 Way Swing

While most of the carrier air conditioner window comes with 2-way (up and down) swing blade. Newer Carrier AC unit comes with 4-way swing function (up-down + right-left). And this technology helps to blow the cold air in multiple directions and provides faster cooling.

NextGen Dehumidifier

During monsoons, conventional air conditioners cannot control the humidity and go for high energy consumption. Therefore, the carrier air conditioner model adjusts the air conditioning by using this technology. There is a smart sensor takes care of high humidity. Also, the refrigerant starts extracting moisture out of the room.

Auto Restart and Auto Louver Memory

Power cuts override the user-defined settings. Moreover, it adds the trouble of re-adjustment. But Auto Restart functionality makes the machine to remember the user-defined setting and resumes it automatically instead of carrier air conditioner manual old technologies.

Copper Condenser with Anti-Corrosive Hydrophilic Blue Fin

The heat transfer in the copper condenser is better, and it is more durable and much more comfortable to clean and maintain.

Above all, carrier ac review says Hydrophilic blue fin neither allows water condensate to accumulate nor amidst high moisture levels around the coil. Thus, the heat exchange capability gets better by absorbing excess water from the surface.

Eco-friendly R-410 Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a fluid which absorbs the heat to transfer it to outside. The hydro-fluorocarbon R-410 takes and release more heat than conventional refrigerant. Also, it doesn’t do any ozone depletion. Therefore, minimizes the chances Carrier AC compressor burnout due to prolonged usage. So, the Carrier ac warranty gets a long life, and the Carrier AC compressor runs coolly.

Inverter Compressor

Finally, Inverter technology model is more like a car accelerator. The Carrier AC compressor is always on. Therefore, it controls the power depending on the temperature of the incoming air in the thermostat.



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