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Find Best Web Hosting in India based on performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module. Web hosting is a resource that permits any individual or institution to publish a web page or website through the internet. It is a kind of service provider. It provides its clients with space in the server, owned or leased by them.

Early years in 90’s internet was used mostly for educational and scientific research. Email, telnet, etc. were there but the very negligible presence of other pages. With the advancement of technology, web hosting becomes popular among general users also. The whole world can access your site when you get a place in a web server.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting Overview

When you create a website, you need to make a copy of the same in a public domain. Your computer can be a web server also, but for that, you need to have your exclusive domain. Some companies are ready with webserver and other requirements. Some of them are free, and some of them will cost you according to your demand.

When we write an URL in the address bar, the browser directs the address to a server. In return, the server then redirects request and lead you to your page. At the same time, if that particular server is down or under maintenance, you will get a notification. So while choosing a host, you need to be careful. A weak host may cost you on your visitors and fulfillment of the purpose to have a website.

Web Hosting Features

A list of features, you should expect from your hosting provider

Domain and email account

Your domain name is significant for your website. This name is the main address of your page. There are companies which will help you to register your domain name, and it will cost some money. With an email account and domain name, you can create your exclusive domain email accounts.

FTP service access

With the help of FTP, you can upload files to your server from your computer. You can use your personalized HTML files to build the website, and you can upload the documents to the web server from your computer through FTP access.

WordPress assistance

WordPress is a beneficial and efficient content management system. It helps you to create and manage your website. You need PHP or MySQL to host a WordPress site.

Security issue

When a provider is hosting a site, it also needs to take care of the security of their client’s website. While selecting a provider, you need to look into the level of protection they’re providing. Otherwise, malicious code or malware can easily make a way to your website.

Types of web hosting

Shared service of web hosting
Reseller web hosting
virtual exclusive server
Customized/ committed Hosting service
Managed hosting service
colocation hosting
Cloud hosting
Clustered hosting
Grid hosting
Home server

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Buying guide

Here are some few points listed below to help you with buying check:

Website Contractor

Even if you are a novice, your service provider will help you with all the tools to create the website and furnish it. So look for the right hosting provider, who will help you to get the work done without any help of web designer.

Disk Drivers

Disk space or webspace is the allotted space in the server for your use. There are two types of drives, mainly HDD and SDD. If you need a larger space, SDD is a good option for you.

Raid Disk

While hosting, you must have heard about disk and Raid Disk also. Raid or Redundant Array of inexpensive/independent Disk, is a helping tool to store data in multiple drives at the same time. With the help of the Raid, you can recover your lost data and also use it for protection. There are many versions of Raid, but these are mostly in use, Raid 0, Raid1 and Raid10.


It is a kind of parameter to check the amount of data is transferring to users computer from the server. The popularity of your site will decide the bandwidth package you may opt. Some famous site may need more than 100 GB bandwidth per month.

Connection Speed or Uplink

Uplink is a measurement of data transfer done by your server in per second. Suppose, in your dedicated package you get 100mbps uplink that means, your server can transfer 100megabite data in per second.

PHP version

Before buying a package, you must check for the latest version of PHP.


The hosting provider will run the server, and as long as the host server is running, your site is also available. So check the timing beforehand.

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Web hosting is the spine of any website. It provides complete resources to run a website without any hassle. These services are very complex and contain numbers of different characteristic.

The concerned person should avoid the sites which charger extreme low charge. Sometimes they may resell or provide the services from their garage. Due to this, the website may fail to deliver required uptime and backup services for them. Therefore it is necessary to adopt the right web hosting provider so that it performs error-free whenever people visit it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by web hosting service? 

No site can exist without a server. So, if you want to publish your page, website, you need a hosting service provider. It will be an arrangement between you and the provider instead of the monthly payment.

Do I need to give advance payment? 

Well, some plans and some provider ask for advance payment. 

Any necessity to be aware of hidden fees?

You cannot rule out the possibilities, especially if you are new in the business. Survey market carefully before you settle down with a plan.

Which web hosting is the least expensive type? 

To start with shared web hosting is the cheapest one.  Even long term plans are less expensive than the monthly ones.

What is the ideal amount of bandwidth do I need? 

It is depending on how you are going to work and your nature of work. If your website shows heavy streaming, definitely you are going to need stupendous bandwidth.

Will I get 24×7 support? 

Check with your service provider in first hand. 

Is it possible to upgrade my account later on?

Yes, you can do it at any point. Shifting from shared to business hosting will take place through migration.

Can I resell my unused space? 

Yes, of course, you can. Get a third party reseller package to sell your space.

What about security and backup?

An automatically generated backup of data is in there. Dealing with security is undoubtedly a vital issue. Better check and recheck with your provider.



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Best Web Hosting Services in India

Web hosting is a mechanism that allows any individuals or institutions to create a web page or web site for personal or business purposes. It is a kind of service provider which offers you different types of tools, features, space, security, etc. in a nutshell, fit into your budget. In a market, numerous service providers provide you a range of service from cheap to even free.

  • Tools- You gets plenty of tools and features less than one roof.
  • High Security
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited SSD Space
  • Unlimited Websites Hosted
  • Free Domain
  • Premium Support
  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • Standard SSL
  • Hacking and security threat.
  • No customer care service.
  • Connection problem
  • Constant power source.
  • Bandwidth standard.
  • Constant Hardware maintenance.
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Where To buy

TMD hosting, Hostinger, Go Daddy India, Site ground, etc. are some of the leading names in the industry. With advanced technology, India is playing a more significant role as a web hosting service provider and as well as a customer also. This web hosting has made publishing a post, building a website, expanding the business a more convenient job to do sitting in your comfort zone.
Like any other thing, it also has pros and cons. So, you go through the guideline and loopholes very carefully, to settle down on your smart choice of the best web hosting service provider.

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