Best Water Purifiers in India 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide


Find Best Water Purifiers in India based on the performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module. The overall water purifier market of the world has reached a value of almost US$ 33.3 Billion in the year 2018. The water purifiers are being used to eliminate the various impurities such as bacteria, toxins, chemicals, harmful gases as well as suspended solids from the water. The best water purifiers have the ability to reduce the concentration of the particulate elements that are present in the water.

Best Water Purifier Brands

Blue Star Water Purifier Majesto 8 liter RO+UV

Blue Star, a pioneer Indian Company, launches Blue Star Water Purifier Majesto 8 liter RO+UV. It is a model that suits Indian homes and fits into everybody’s pocket. The appliance comes with installation kit, user manual, and 1 year warranty period.
Specification and Technology
First of all, Blue Star Water Purifier Majesto 8 liter RO+UV is very sleek and stylish and available in different colors. The model has aqua test booster technology, to enhance the taste and maintain a healthy ph level of water. With RO+UV on, it purifies water in 6 stages. It is easy to wall mount and has an 8-liter storage capacity. Furthermore, this model also comes with a pre-filter at the time of installation.
Major Features
• child lock
• Pre-filter
• 8-liter storage
• Aqua test Booster
Quality and Performance
Finally, the sleek and stylish look of this Blue Star Water Purifier Majesto 8 liter RO+UV will make you fall in love. The affordability is its added advantage. Therefore, it becomes one of the sought after product for Indian households.
• Six layer purification
• Sleek and stylish
• Child lock enables
• No digital display unit
• No alarm system

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LG Puricare Water Purifier WW180EP RO+UV+UF+ Mineral Booster

The brand LG, speaks for itself, the most trusted and widely known home appliances Company. IT launches LG Puricare Water Purifier WW180EP RO+ UV +UF+Mineral Booster. You can wall-mount it or can place on top of a corner. This product comes with 1year warranty and other value-added services.
Specification and Technology
Firstly, LG Puricare Water Purifier WW180EP RO+ UV +UF+Mineral Booster comes with 5 stages of RO purification process. Multiple filtrations remove bacteria, chemical substances, heavy metal, and viruses. Its mineral booster technology maintains the TDS balance and enhances the minerals in the water. It comes with dual protection stainless steel water tank which also cut down the risk of Ecoli virus growth.
Major Features
8-liter storage
Stainless steel tank
Mineral booster
Duel use – drinking and vegetable wash
Quality and Performance
LG Puricare Water Purifier WW180EP RO+UV+UF+Mineral Booster are undoubtedly expensive one for a household. But with the increasing number of high-end buyers, this has found a place among Indian homes.
Stainless steel water tank
Mineral booster
2in 1 facility for drinking and vegetable wash
Smart display and indicator
Digital sterilization
Highly expensive

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Hindware Water Purifier Elara RO+UV+UF+Mineral (White and Black)

Firstly, Hindware is a leading brand in the Indian market. Therefore when the company comes up with Hindware Water Purifier Elara RO+UV+UF+Mineral (White and Black), it is undoubtedly the talk of the town. A super stylish look and medium budget range make it a smart choice for smart Indian homes.
Specification and Technology
This beautiful Hindware Water Purifier Elara RO+UV+UF+Mineral (White and Black) comes with 7 layers of RO+UV+UF water purification process, thus making the water 100% decontaminate. Its TDS technology maintains the taste, and mineral fortification retains the minerals also. It has 7-liter storage capacity and led indicator for different notifications. This appliance is very much energy efficient, using only 36W. Hindware Elara offers a 1-year warranty and other supporting services.
Major Features
Good storage
Energy efficient
Mineral fortification
Duel color
Quality and Performance
Finally, Hindware Water Purifier Elara RO+UV+UF+Mineral (White and Black) offers two-way mounting, wall mount, and tabletop. Moderate storage, 7 layer purification, and affordable cost are its USP.
100% Ro+ UV+ UF+ Mineral water
LED indicator
Detachable front cover
Stylish look
Acceptable for all water source
No filter change alarm

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Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Aquasure Smart Plus 6 liters RO+UV+MTDS

Eureka Forbes is like avantgarde in the Indian water purifier industry. So, maintaining the decorum, they have come up with Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Aquasure Smart Plus 6 Litres RO+Uv+MTDS. It offers a 1-year warranty and free installation.
Specification and Technology
Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Aquasure Smart Plus has RO+Uv+MTDS, to purify water from different sources. It uses the MTDS system to treat water according to the source of it, thus maintain the taste. Device clears almost 90% dissolved salt and makes water safer. It has smart energy-saving mode and auto power cut if there is any faulty circuit. The purifier has a 6litre capacity water tank.
Major features
• 6 stage purification
• Suitable for all water source
• Colour changing indicator
• TDS control
• Auto power cut
• Lightweight

Quality and Performance
Finally, this Eureka Forbes Water Purifier Aquasure Smart Plus 6 liters RO+UV+MTDS has a two-way mounting facility. You either wall mount or place it on a countertop. Years of excellence and affordable price makes it a wise choice for Indian homes.
• A smart and simple look
• Affordable
• Power saver guard
• Advance water purification
• Small tank

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HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV 5-Litre

Hindustan Unilever Ltd. is known for the vast number of quality products it produces. HUL PureIt Classic RO+UV 5-Litre water purifier is perhaps its best and most affordable water purifier that meets international standards.

Storage capacity: 5 liters
Height- 422.6 mm, Width- 380 mm, Depth- 165.6 mm
Weight: ~ 5.8 Kg(dry weight)
Input Voltage: 165 – 240 V ac; 50 Hz
Total Dissolved Solids: 200 mg/lit (min) – 1800 mg/lit (max)
Material Of Construction: Food safe, non-toxic, engineering-grade plastics
Power Rating: Classic RO + UV – 55 Watts
Pump Type: Diaphragm pump, 24 V DC
Membrane Type: Thin-film composite spiral wound
Pressure Rating: 5-30 psi
Filtration Capacity: 9-12 liters/hour
Installation: Wall-mounted
Overflow Protection: Yes
Total Hardness: 600 mg/lit (max)
Iron: 0.3 mg/lit (max)
Turbidity: 1 NTU (max)

HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV 5-Litre water purifier uses a six-stage purification process to produce clean and safe drinking water. First, the sediment filter and the carbon filter remove impurities. The post-carbon sediment filter removes the residual impurities. RO membrane removes contaminants, and UV light kills disease-causing microbes. In the end, post-RO Carbon filter adds taste to the water.
HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV 5-Litre water purifier uses RO and UV to make the water safe for drinking. The Germkill Kit thoroughly cleans the water and adds taste. The purifier is 42 cm tall, 38 cm wide and 16 cm deep. It weighs around 5.8 kg. It meets USEPA norms.
Hindustan Unilever Ltd. is an extremely trusted brand in the Indian market, and its products are of the most excellent quality. Thus, we can trust its purifier to provide us with safe and pure drinking water
Six-stage purification
TDS makes hard water soft
No alarms
Small storage capacity

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Havells Water Purifier Max 8 Litres RO+UV

Havells, a trusted brand in the Indian market, offers Havells Water Purifier Max 8 Litres RO+UV for its consumers. It comes with a futuristic design to woo tech-savvy customers. With a vibrant color combination, it has the most compact design. It offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty and extended warranty plan.
Specification and Technology
Firstly, Havells Water Purifier Max 8 Litres RO+UV is the only one in the market which comes with three-way placing system. One can mount in a corner, on wall or tabletop. It has RO+UV purification process in 7 layers. Its mineral technology maintains the ph balance. It has an alarm system for any failure and self-diagnosis. The model comes with a 7-liter removable transparent tank which you can clean periodically.
Major Features
7 layers purification
Transparent removable storage
Auto power cut
Dual Colour combination
Quality and Performance
Finally, its three ways mounting facility makes it an exciting buy for smaller and stylish Indian homes. Extra features and technological advancement make Havells Water Purifier Max 8 Litres RO+UV the best buy for consumers.
RO+UV filtration
Flexible mounting feature
Alert system
Auto power cut
High maintenance

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AO Smith Water Purifier Z 8 10- Litre Green RO Series

AO Smith Water Purifier Z 8 10- Litre Green RO Series is a cutting edge design and reliable purifier from an AO Smith, a leading American brand. With a massive 10 liters storage capacity, it offers 1 year of comprehensive warranty with all filters and membrane.
Specification and Technology
This model comes with an advanced recovery technology or ART, which helps to save 2X water than other RO. AO Smith Water Purifier Z 8 10- Littre Green RO Series has a unique feature which provides you hot purified water as per your requirement. This product ensures eight layers purification while retaining all minerals. It consumes less power, 60W only. One can use either wall mounts it or can place on a tabletop.
Major Features
Larger tank
Hot water
Advance alert
Quality and Performance
Massive storage capacity and excellent features make it lovable to buyers. AO Smith Water Purifier Z 8 10- Littre Green RO Series is designed to meet Indian household needs.
Purified hot water facility
All digital display feature
Advance alert system
Big capacity
High price
Expensive maintenance

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Kent Water Purifier- Grand Plus RO+UF+UV TDS Control

The Kent Water Purifier – Grand Plus RO+UF+UV TDS control is the most credible and wide-reaching water purifier in the market. Kent does the marketing of this product. It provides free installation with 1year warranty & 3years of free service AMC.
Specification & Technology
First of all, Kent Water Purifier- Grand Plus comes with a 9-liter storage unit. The mineral technology with an integral TDS control unit is visible through its transparent body. With a multiple purification system, like, RO+UF+UV and TDS control, water becomes 100% germ-free. The power consumption of the model is only 60w. It has to save water technology which can recover more water as purified and an extra tank to hold the rejected water for other uses.
Major features
• TDS control
• 100% pure
• Mineral enrichment
• Save water technology
Quality & Performance
Finally, Kent Water Purifier – Grand Plus RO+UF+UV TDS Control advocates for Indian home and office use. With a lot of Integral features, handy nature makes it become an essential part of the Indian household.
• Kills viruses & germs
• Budget-friendly
• Energy efficient
• Large body
• Expensive maintenance

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Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier

Kent is known for providing quality services with the latest technology. It is the most trusted brand when it comes to water purifiers. Moreover, the Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV purifier is a highly recommended water purifier in India.
• 7-Litres Detachable transparent tank
• Suitable for low TDS water
• Power Consumption- 60W
• Input Water Temperature-10-40 C
• Booster Pump Voltage- 24 V DC
• Tank Material: Food Grade Plastic
• Free installation
• Product Dimensions: 390 cms (Length) X 285 cms (Width) X 400 cms (Height)
• 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years No Service Charge
• Technology: UV +UF water purification
• Purification Capacity: 60 Litres Per Hour
• Alarms: Filter change alarm, UV fail alarm
• Filter Cartridges: Sediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane
• UF Membrane: 0.1 Microns
• Maximum Duty Cycle: 120 Litres/Day
• Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min): 0.3 kg / cm2 or 4.3psi / 10°C
• Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max): 3 kg / cm2 or 42.7psi / 35°C
• Input Voltage : 220 ± 10V AC, 50Hz
• Operating Voltage: 24V DC
• UV Lamp Power: 11 Watt
• Electrical Type: Electrical and Storage
• Installation: Wall Mountable/ Table-Top

Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier uses UV+ UF technology. Double Purification happens first by UV, followed by UF to remove impurities. This ensures that the water that comes out is healthy and pure.
Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water Purifier uses Double Purification. There are two alarms built in the purifier. The filter alarm alerts you when the filter stops working, and the UV fail alarm alerts you when the UV light stops working. When either of the alarms goes off, the purifier stops working by automatically cutting off the power supply. The Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) functionality ensures that water is available during power fluctuations.

Kent is the most trusted purifier brand in India. So you know that the quality it provides is the best.
1.      Transparent tank
2.      Alarm systems present
3.      SMPS
1.      Only suitable for water with low TDS levels
2.      Does not add any taste to the water

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Aquafresh Swift 15 ltr Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster + UF

Aqua Fresh is a famous brand in the Indian water purifier market. Moreover, the Aqua Fresh Swift 15 Litre Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster + UF purifier is considered to be the best in class and quality.
• Total Capacity: 15 L
• Purifying Technology: RO + UV + UF + TDS
• Power Consumption: 30 W
• Detachable Storage Tank: No
• Auto Shut Off: Yes
• Auto Start: Yes
• Overflow Protection: Yes
• Membrane Type: 75GPD
• Storage Tank Material: FOOD GRADE PLASTIC
• Indicators: NO
• Other Body Features: FULLY AUTOMATIC
• Alarms: NO
• Filtration Capacity: 12 L/hr
• Purification Capacity: 3000 L
• Installation Type: wall mount, tabletop
• Purification Stages: 14
• Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels: 1500 ppm
• Water Flow Rate: 0.6 l/min
• Width: 32 cm, Height: 42 cm, Depth: 22 cm
• Weight: 12.5 kg
• Type of Purifier: Electrical
• Max. Duty Cycle: 30 Ltr Per Day
• Type: Electrical
• UV Lamp Power: 11 Watt
• Min. Inlet Water Pressure: 0.3 kg/cm2
• Input Voltage: 24V DC
• Operating Voltage: 24 V
• Operational pressure range: 0.5-2.0 kg/
• Preferred Installation: Counter Top / Wall Mount
Aqua Fresh Swift 15 Litre Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster + UF purifier uses Mineral RO technology with Double Purification for effective purification. Mineral RO Technology retains the natural minerals using TDS adjuster, and the Double Purification Technology removes dissolved impurities. Both these processes work simultaneously to provide clean and safe drinking water enriched with minerals. It has a 14-stage purification process.
Aqua Fresh Swift 15 Litre Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster + UF purifier uses Mineral RO technology enhanced with Double Purification for the best results. It is 42 cm high, 32 cm wide and 22 cm deep and weighs around 12.5 kg. It has a purification capacity of 12 liters per hour and can store up to 15 liters.
Aqua Fresh Swift 15 Litre Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster + UF purifier works to provide healthy and clean drinking water with added minerals. Aqua Fresh is also a trusted brand in India so that you can be assured of the quality of the product.
⦁ 15-liter storage capacity
⦁ Double Purification with Mineral RO and TDS Adjuster
⦁ Adjustable TDS levels
⦁ No free installation
⦁ No alarms

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Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier

It is no secret that Eureka Forbes is the pioneer of water purification systems. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier is considered to be one of the best water purifiers.
Type: Non-electric with storage
 Warranty details: 12 months from the date of installation
1500 liters storage ensures that you get readily available drinking water at all times
Technology: Gravity based water purification
Includes: Water purifier, User manual, Warranty Card, and Service center details
Type of Tank: food-grade plastic
Easy Returns: This product is eligible for a full refund within ten days of delivery in case of any product defects, damage or features not matching the description provided
TDS: Up to 350 TDS (only for Corporation/ Municipal water)
Purification Capacity: 750 L
Maximum Input Water Temperature: 40 degrees C
Minimum Input Water Temperature: 10 degrees C
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels: 500 ppm
 Width: 38 cm, Height: 27 cm, Depth: 42 cm
 Weight: 2.71 kg
Auto Shut Off: Yes
Filter Life: 1500 L
 Filter Type: Kitanu Magnet
Material: Food-grade, Non-toxic Engineering Plastic Construction
Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier uses gravity-based purification technology. Moreover, the Kitanu Magnet cartridge eliminates harmful impurities from the water to provide clean drinking water. This chemical-free purification technique helps to keep the water pure, hence removing the need for boiling it again.
The Kitano Magnet removes bacteria, viruses, and cysts. It does not require electricity or continuous water supply to run. No chemicals are added to the water. It shuts off automatically after the water is purified. It can store up to 20 liters of water. It weighs about 2.71 kg.
No chemicals are added in the process of purifying the water. Moreover, Eureka Forbes is a well-known brand of purity.
No electricity required
No need to boil the water
No chemicals added
Cartridge dies early

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This eventually leads to minimizing the chances of people acquiring waterborne diseases. This makes the water fit to consume for residential, commercial as well as industrial use. The demand for such water purifiers is being propelled all over the world on account of the reducing levels of potable water alongside the rapid urbanization and the growing industrialization process taking place.

Market Trends of Water Purifiers

The Hazardous materials that are released from the improper disposal of the industrial waste along with the excessive usage of the agrichemicals have led to the contamination of the different water bodies such as rivers, lakes, as well as oceans. A number of these pollutants are heavy metals such as lead, nickel, zinc, copper, cobalt, chromium, magnesium, cadmium, and molybdenum which has the capacity to cause the problems of kidney stones or blood disorders. Due to such pollutants residing in the water, there has been a growth in the demand for water purifiers in order to meet up with the need of having clean drinking water in the residential as well as the industrial sector.

best water filter India

There is extensive competition in the water purifier market, the manufacturers have started to introduce advanced water purification technologies, such as activated carbon filtration as well as reverse osmosis, for expanding the overall consumer base. Looking ahead, the IMARC Group is expecting the water purifier market to touch the value of US$ 54.9 Billion, a CAGR of almost 9% during the period 2019-2024.

Rising Demand for Water Purifiers

An increase in the disposable income of the people has led to a boost in the growth of the water purifier market. An increase in the income level leads to a surge in the purchasing power of the customers. This, in turn, leads to an improved standard of living where people wish to have a healthy lifestyle. This need for healthy food and pure water has lead to the people looking out for the best water purifier at home. Also, an increase in the concerns toward the health and well-being of the global population due to the increasing water contamination has led to the adoption of hygienic practices.

As per the figures reflected by the United Nations and the World Health Organisation, in every 21 seconds, one infant and every year almost $3.5 million people die because of suffering from waterborne diseases that are caused by drinking the contaminated water. This rise in the incidence of illness due to the waterborne disease has fueled the demand for water purifiers market.

Ultimate Buying Guide for Water Purifier

  1. A water purifier is important to household item for taking care of the health of the members of the family. Contaminated water has the potential to cause a number of diseases. By following a few steps of this buying guide one can buy the BEST WATER Purifier and ensure to get clean and hygienic water.
  2. Water type – If the sources of your water are tankers, underground water, or drawn from bore wells, then the water is said to be hard water. Such water may contain arsenic, fluoride, and other heavy metals. The sources of soft water are lakes, rain harvesting, river water, or supplied by the municipal corporation.
  3. Type of purifiers –If the water coming in a house is hard, then one should consider installing an RO water purifier. But if the water is soft then the RO system is not needed.
  4. Water contamination level – In case if the water is soft and the level of contamination in water is high then a UV water purifier is required. But in case if the water is of hard type and the contamination level is also high then one must prefer to purchase a purifier that has RO + UV. In case the water is of hard type and has low contamination levels then one needs to buy an RO purifier.
best water filter 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

When must a filter cartridges be replaced?

The decision of replacing the filter cartridges depends totally on the capacity of the filter, shower filter, as well as the drinking water filter. The filtering capacity may start from 1000 liters and go up to 6000 liters or even more, depending upon the model and the brand of the filter. Generally, the filter cartridge replacements take place every six months.

What is the amount of energy that is consumed by a water purifier?

The major power consumption happens at the time when the boiler that is located inside the dispenser starts to get heated up, which usually takes almost 480W. The purifier also consumes a small quantity of electricity to power up the lights of the purifier.

How frequently does the water purifier need to be cleaned?

The frequency of changing the filter cartridges mainly depends on the water quality and the usage of the water purifier. But, the cleaning of the system depends on the hygienic preferences as well as the cleaning time availability.

Which dissolved impurities are removed from water during the purification process?

The Regular water has a lot of impurities, such as arsenic, fluoride, rust, pesticides, heavy metals, etc. which may have harmful effects on the health of the people consuming it. These are all removed from the water during the purification process.

Why it is necessary to select a brand which offers efficient after sale service?

It is important to keep the water purifier up to date, so as to ensure the optimal health of the people consuming the water. Choosing a brand which offers instant servicing for the purchased products aids to ensure that all of the water purification problems are resolved on a priority basis.

What is considered to be the average capacity of the BEST WATER PURIFIER IN INDIA?

The average capacity of a water purifier relies mainly on the brand, the model, and the make of the device. Generally, the top chamber of a device can store up to 9 liters of liquid, and the lower chamber can hold water off the capacity ranging from 9 liters to 23 liters.

Is the plastic that is used for the water purifier safe for usage?

In most of the water purifiers, high-quality plastic (I. E. engineering grade) which is of food-grade -safe standard & non-toxic is used. This plastic has no effect on the odor or taste of the water.

What is to be done if a water purifier starts to leak?

If a water purifier starts to leak, then the first step to be taken is to turn off the power switch and also unplug the power supply cord immediately. The next step is to close the inlet tap valve and to check the filter for any improper fitments. If a person is himself unable to find out the cause of the leakage, then it is advisable to immediately call the customer care executive and lodge a complaint request. Till the technician from the company does not come, it is best to keep the water purifier switched off.



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Best Brands Water Purifiers in India

The rising consumer awareness regarding the usage and consumption of safe and potable drinking water is positively influencing the increasing sales of the water purifiers at the national as well as the international level.

  • Revitalizer cartridge improves hydration and mineral absorption and makes water healthy for our body.
  • RO water purifier removes toxin such as lead, mercury, Fluoride, Arsenic, Chlorine which cases the human body to be ill.
  • Expensive
  • Some RO can not kills bacteria, viruses
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