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Find Best Mobile Phone in India based on performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module.In today’s world, mobile phones are gizmos which are capable of performing multiple tasks. They have helped in making the life of human beings uncomplicated. The mobile phones have brought revolution in the world of communication. Now any person can have connection anytime, anywhere and to anyone sitting thousands of kilometers away. They have become a necessary part of every human being’s life.

Mobile Phone Features

Nowadays, the Smartphone comes with a variety of features like high pixel cameras for high-quality photos and videos. They also have a high resolution of the screen so that the images look more detailed. Furthermore, they have a feature of GPS navigation and intelligent map to know the location of the device instantly. To protect the mobile from scratches and cracks, they also have corning gorilla glasses, which are scratch resistant and crack resistant. For high-resolution gaming, fluid multi-tasking, speedy task and quick camera performance the mobile phones are equipped with high-speed processors like snapdragon, etc.

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The latest technologies used in mobile phones are –

Artificial Intelligence

It is the simulation of the human intelligence process by computers. The smartphones have the AI technology, which has a voice recognition feature to enable the user to have hands-free usage and hence optimize the user experience. The various artificial intelligence everyone is familiar with are Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, etc.

Augmented Reality

They help in superimposing a computer-generated image over the real picture of a person. Different apps like snap chat and Instagram use filters which when applied in reality and consequently it resembles like an adorable Dalmatian, or the person has put on flawless makeup.

Synchronizing Mobile Phones With Home Device

Various mobile apps have been developed to improve the customer experience within the home premises. The home air conditioner and other appliances can be connected with a mobile app, and the user can control them even if they are not at home.

Biometrics Advancement

Above all, various biometrics features found in the mobiles like facial recognition, voice recognition, signature recognition, and fingerprint recognition. These biometrics can also use while making online payments through mobiles.

Types Of Mobile

Finally, as we know the basic as well as the other features of mobiles, so the different kinds of mobile are:

Feature Phone

These types of phones generally are known as “keypad phones,” and they produce only a few purposes like texting and calling. They usually have smaller screen along with a keyboard. These types of phones are more durable than the Smartphone. The significant advantage of feature mobiles is that they are necessary and inexpensive.


This type of mobiles consists of a bigger screen, and also they do not have a physical keyboard. The Smartphone is designed to perform multiple tasks at a time like calling, texting, web browsing, etc. The most noteworthy fact is that they have amazing features, but in contrast to the feature phones, Smartphone is very expensive.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a mobile phone, the users consider the below mentioned buying guide.

Operating System

Operating System is the most important fact which the user should consider before purchasing a mobile. Furthermore, various types of operating systems are available in the market. While Android developed by Google, found in almost every Smartphone. In contrast, a different kind of operating system is iOS, developed by Apple and only detected in mobiles manufactured by Apple. In contrast to iOS, Android is very user-friendly and cheap.


It is the brain of the mobile phone. The speed and multi-tasking of the mobiles usually depend upon the speed of the mobile. If the speed of the processor is more then, it can perform multi-task more efficiently,


It is the essential thing that the user should consider while purchasing a mobile. If the mobiles have more storage space like64 GB or above 128 GB, then more videos, photos, and other apps can be stored. Also, the mobile can perform efficiently.


Ram is the volatile memory of the operating system and helps to start a mobile.


Different mobiles have different battery capacity, which can influence how much time the mobile can run on a single charge. The user should always check for the battery capacity before purchasing a mobile.


One can now connect with one’s friend or relatives staying even across the borders and time zones. Furthermore, the advanced features of the mobile phone cater to the need of almost everyone. Be it photography or taking lessons, one can easily do anything with the help of mobile phones.
Moreover, though there are many advantages to mobile phones, there are certain disadvantages as well. Cyberbullying, exposition to the infrared rays, addictions, etc. are some of the significant drawbacks that mobile phones carry. Furthermore the mobile phones these days are not too expensive as well and are made for all.


There are many things to consider while purchasing a new, whether featured phone or Smartphone. If the users want to buy a feature phone, then the options are more comfortable to whittle down. But if the users consider buying a Smartphone, hence they have to choose between different operating systems like Android or iOS. Furthermore, the users have to figure out a budget and choose between the specifications which are most important to them like a battery, display, screen, etc. There is certainly a mobile phone available which will be perfect for the user, no matter what’s important to them. So plenty of options are available for the user to choose the best mobile in India and from the top mobile brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are standard mobile phones safe?

The regular mobile phones do not pose the web-based threats which smartphones do. But they still used to store some sensitive information which can be accessed by gaining access to the device.

Which operating system is safer Android or iPhone?

Apple evaluates all the apps which are used on the iPhone along with tight regulations of the app store. This has kept the users safe from malicious applications. But Android offers more natural access control. Due to the open-source nature of the android system, the apps are not controlled as in iPhones.

Can a mobile phone get attacked by viruses?

Yes, mobile phones can also get attacked by viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. These things usually arrive by e-mail, but also they are spread by messages or downloading apps from unauthorized developers. For this purpose, all the major desktop security vendors have also developed mobile antivirus.

Which mobile phones and Smartphone are accessible?

There various accessible mobile phones available in the market. This range from technologically advanced Smartphone costing thousands of rupees to simple mobiles that can only send text messages and make calls.



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Best Mobile Phone In India

The mobile phones are something that has made our life much more comfortable. We can now accomplish any task easily with just the click of the button. The mobile phones have also exposed us to the world of social media that has helped us to stay connected with our near and deal ones.

  • Mobiles help in communicating with other people. Therefore it helps in decreasing the connectivity boundary.
  • They help in quickly accessing or retrieving any vital information at the time of need.
  • Numerous learning opportunities are available for the student to learn from mobiles.
  • It exposes people to disastrous problems of cyberbullying.
  • As a result of technological advancements, it creates addiction among users.
  • Furthermore, the mobile generates a large amount of electronic waste.
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