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Find Best Mixer Grinders in India based on the performance, features, and reviews. Get detail specifications, buying guide with compare module. The group of the Indian food preparation appliances is made up of segments like the juicer extractors, MIXER grinders, food processors, blenders, juicer, choppers and other. The Mixer grinder and the juicer is said to possess a lion’s share in the food preparation appliance group.

A few years ago, the Indian users were only familiar with mixer grinders. In the current market scenario,  there are other food preparation appliances also, such as juicer mixer grinders and juice extractors that are gaining popularity and presence in the Indian market. This situation has come into being mainly due to the rising awareness of the consumers regarding healthy eating habits, a growing population of working females, and the rising middle-class household.

Mixer Grinders Features

A number of studies regarding the Indian food preparation appliance market indicate that the mixer grinder is said to be the most popular electronic appliance making up almost 85% of the total sales and revenue. The demand for the appliance is triggered due to the adoption of the modern-day kitchen aids along with the fact that cooking is said to be a great deal of the Indian culture. It has been observed and noted that Indians, on average, spend most of the time cooking in the kitchen. Women spend almost 13 hours a week in the process of food preparation.

Growing demand, the road ahead

The socio-economic factors such as rising nuclear families, increasing disposable income, changing role of women in families, development of the kitchen as a part of the living room and the development of a variety of sub-segments have led the growth in the appliance market.

Due to the advent of numerous e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and Snapdeal, the Indian online channel has evolved as the fastest developing channel for sale of the kitchen appliances. It is significantly driven by the increasing internet as well as smartphone penetration, extensive discounting of products & a wide range of variety to choose from.

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Mixer Grinders Trends

The Mixer and Grinder Market is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of almost 12% during the coming five years.

The mixer grinders in India are divided into two segments. These are as follows:

  • Mass market
  • Premium market.

The mass-market grinders are available in the lower price segment. Due to the price-sensitive nature of the Indian consumers, the market share of this segment of mixer grinder is relatively much higher as compared to the premium segment.

The premium market has products that are relatively expensive and have additional features accompanied by an Indian or international label attached to it. The modern-day lifestyle, development of brand consciousness among the consumers and the awareness of new products and brands is now leading to the rapid growth of the premium products market.

A Quick Buying Guide

With a large number of established as well new brands of mixer grinders entering the Indian Market and spoiling the customers for choice, it sometimes becomes very confusing for a customer to identify which product to choose. The following are some points that can help an individual decide what product is best for them.

  • Overall Capacity– The overall capacity of the appliance is said to be an important factor and it must be given due importance. The reason for this is that if a mixer has been overloaded, then there are chances of overflow and spoilage all over the kitchen counter. Thus one must buy a grinder which has attachments that suit the individual needs.
  • Cord length and Power Consumption – The consumption of power is said to be an important feature of any electronic appliance. For the appliance in question, the power consumption generally ranges from the minimum of 450 w to 700 W or even more depending on the product, size, and brand.
  • Ease of Cleaning– Some of the BEST mixer grinders are very easy to clean. But there are some that make cleaning a difficult task and hence consume a lot of time in the cleaning process. Also, there are chances that food particles can get stuck in the small parts of the appliance.
  • Budget – The market is ready to spoil the customer with a choice. There is a wide variety of options available. But one must always buy the appliance which suits their need and also matches their budget.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Before buying or after buying a new electronic appliance, a customer will always have some questions in their mind. Be it for usage or maintenance. Below mentioned are some of the frequently asked questions about mixer grinder.

1. How much is the average power, that is required by a Mixer Grinder?

The average Power which is consumed by a Mixer Grinder ranges from almost 450 watts to 750 Watts. The more the amount of power, that is required by the appliance, the more effective is the mixer grinder. The process of hard grinding such as grinding coconuts or hard vegetables is only possible to be done by those grinders who need more than 750 Watts to function.

2. Can a mixer grinder be used for the purpose of Citrus juicing?

If a mixer grinder has an attachment of a juicer jar, then it can be used for the purpose of citrus juice. But if not then it may be difficult as only some fruits can be juiced. Also, the juice that comes out may not be as fine as that of the juicer. Hence care needs to be taken to remove seeds and filter out chunks of fruit from the juice.

3. Where can the juicing hard vegetables such as carrots or fruits such as apples be done?

The process of juice extraction of hard vegetables such as carrot or fruits such as apples can be done only in a food processor. Even if a grinder is said to be extremely efficient, one must always remember that the hard vegetable juicing requires mixers which use more power such as almost 1000 Watts or more.

4. Is using MIXER grinders safe since water, as well as some liquids, are being used in the appliance?

It is always advisable to opt for ABS shockproof food appliances which will ensure that the customer gets quality output with minimum possibility of damages due to shock or input overload because of any reason.

5. Can one use the grinder without holding on to the upper lids?

If the lid is fastened with the help of a clamp or a fixture, then one uses the grinder without holding on to the upper lids. It is will always recommend making sure that the lid is properly in place and that there is not too much food which is placed inside the mixer to be processed. There are always possibilities of overflowing or spilling due to the vibration that takes place when the appliance is in opera.

6. Is it OK to get a burning smell at the time of use the mixer?

It is absolutely fine if one gets the smell initially when the mixer is being used for the first time or for the second time. If one keeps on getting the burning smell on a continual basis, it is important to contact the customer care service and get in touch with the agent at the earliest.



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