For quite a while there have been several rumors that the iPhone thirteen will be portless and will support only wireless charging. This might be generally true as the iPhone 13 will have a larger charging coil in comparison to the previous model. However , the major distinction would be that the iPhone 13 would feature faster charging as well as reverse charging.

With a bigger coil, the iPhone 13 would be able to take care of heat better and hence permit higher wattage. Moreover, digging in reverse charging would be new for the iPhone as Google android devices have been using reverse charging for quite a while. However , a larger coil would result in a larger yet more improved MagSafe.

According to the leaked out image below, the digital camera setups would be similar to the earlier model however the overall size of the phone would be larger than the iPhone 12 lineup.

Apple company Said To Bring Faster Wireless And Reverse Charging Using the iPhone 13