According to a recent study simply by Me2B Alliance, Android applications share more data to third parties in comparison to iOS applications. However , given Android’s ability to allow users to chime in modifications it’s no surprise that less safety is being offered in comparison in order to iPhone.

The research proved that Android programs were sharing student data with high-risk parties many times in comparison to applications upon iOS. This was determined by having a sample of 78 smartphone apps from 38 colleges which cover around fifty percent a million people. Through this experiment, it was determined that will nearly 60% of these school apps shared data with third parties consistently and were then being sent to advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Moreover, it turns out that 91% of Android apps had been sharing data with high-risk third parties while only 26% were sharing comparable data. The image below displays the amount of risk both platform’s respective SDKs have.

It simply goes to show how reliable security-wise iPhone is and exactly why do advertisers have a problem with Apple company.

Google android Apps Share More Data To Third Parties Compared to iOS