Over two-third of customers in main markets planning to purchase a new smartphone in the next six months prefer getting a 5G model, based on a report released by consulting firm Kantar. China brought the markets where as much because 91 percent of customers demonstrated interest in purchasing a 5G cell phone. However , the trend of buying 5G phones is also zooming in on the US. Kantar’s record also highlighted growing interest among customers in markets including the US and European countries for purchasing smartphones from a bodily store.

Kantar noted that 74 percent of customers in the US showed fascination with buying a 5G phone. The percentage is indeed lower than the customer base looking to own versions based on the next-generation network technologies in China. However , the particular firm said that 5G capability as a purchase reason continued to be nearly flat in the Chinese market year-on-year, with a single in five buyers citing the feature as a purchasing driver.

“Of the top 10 models bought from China, 70 percent are usually 5G enabled, ” said Kantar Consumer Insights Director Jennifer Chan. “In Japan, this is 60 percent; it’s 50 percent in both the US plus Australia, and 40 percent across the EU5 (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, plus Spain). ”

On the sales front, Kantar found that the share associated with Samsung sales grew by four percentage points nationwide and the US, taking over 30 % of total sales within the second quarter of 2021. Samsung’s sales were, however , still behind those of the particular iPhone .

In the US and China, iOS share has been found to have grown 2 percentage points each year-over-year. This was, however , not the trend in Japan where Android sales grew five portion points driven by strong performance from Sharp plus Oppo .

smartphone os sales q2 2021 kantar Smartphone OS sales share

Mobile phone OS sales share in the US, China, and major European markets
Picture Credit: Kantar

Kantar also found that in the US as well as in Britain, France, Italy, and The country of spain, channel shares for in-store sales increased by a minimum of 10 percentage points year-on-year in the second quarter. This particular suggests that more people preferred to purchase phones through actual stores over online.

“In-store sales shares are also up this quarter compared to Q1 2021 in Great Britain (+13 percentage points), US (+7 percentage points), Germany (+4 percentage points), and Spain (+3 percentage points), ” Chan said.

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations alongside businesses opening up and reducing restrictions are considered among the key reasons behind the growth of in-store purchases of smartphones.

Kantar also talked about in its report that mobile phone owners in the US who self-purchased their phone from an actual store were more likely to accept the statement saying, “I keep my smartphone so long as I can. ” It was 80 percent over 77 % online buyers. The same design has been noticed in Australia, Japan, and major European markets, the report said.

It has also been specified that in-store smartphone purchasers in the US, Australia, and Japan were more likely to agree they prefer buying brands they are familiar with. Customers in these marketplaces along with the key European ones were also more likely to accept the statement that if these were going to be able to use a new technology product, somebody had to show them how to use it.

Kantar has notably not provided any details about the particular sample size it took for developing this record.

5G Phone Demand Grows Amongst Customers Planning to Buy New Models in the Next 6 Months: Kantar